Skincare Range

Skalp® Skincare Range

Groom – Protect – Hydrate

Skalp’s® unique range of 100% organic and natural skin and scalp-care products for use by men who prefer the closely cropped-head look.

Skalp® has developed the perfect products for men who shave their head. The entire grooming process – washing, cleansing, exfoliating, shaving, moisturising, sun-protecting, showering and toning & all our products are made using 100% all-natural organic ingredients.

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Skalp™ Wash

Skalp® Wash

Infused with natural tea-tree, oatseed extract and mallow, our skalp wash is suitable for use on the head, face, and body. It’s a daily-use product your skin will thank you for.

Skalp™ Cleanser

Skalp® Cleanser

Our specially formulated cleanser nourishes while it cleanses the follicles and scalp to reduce blackheads and pimples. Contains tea-tree and zinc for a smooth fresh look.

Skalp™ Exfoliant Scrub

Skalp® Exfoliant Scrub

We think you’ll love this one. Skalp’s Scrub contains natural exfoliant lygodium japonicum from the japanese climbing fern, unblocking pores with fibers extracted from the French cotton plant, removing dead skin and leaving your scalp feeling smooth, clean and fresh.

Skalp™ Shave

Skalp® Shave

The best buzzed-shave lubricant on the market. Skalp’s shaving cream is a smooth, concentrated, water-soluble creation impregnated with natural peppermint and dandelion for a zingy, cleaner-than-clean look & feel.

Skalp™ head and face moisturiser

Skalp® Head and Face Moisturiser

Not only livens and uplifts appearance of dull, tired skin, it also helps protect against harmful UV rays with SPF 20, protecting natural and augmented follicles at the same time. Our moisturising products are available in a choice of non-glare matt, designed to soak deep into your skin for a natural, healthy look, or our glossy slick oiled option, designed to make your head shine above the rest.

Skalp™ Suncare

Skalp® Suncare

Go out and enjoy the summer. But do it protected with Skalp™ sun protection. With a choice of SPF 30, SPF 40, SPF 50 and even SPF 75 to choose from, you can go out in the knowledge that those evil UV rays won’t get you. No way.

We all love a bit of sun. But sun damage has been shown to trigger the release of harmful free radicals in the skin. That’s why sun protection products are essential. Skalp’s sun protection contains naturally developed antioxidants, including vitamins A, C and E, which help protect & neutralise the offending molecules. Sun damage can cause actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous growth) and skin cancer, so it is crucial that a proven sun protection product protects shaved heads. Our sun protection products are all sweat and water-resistant – for all day protection.

Skalp™ Serum

Skalp® Serum

This is the answer to those pesky ingrown hairs and blackheads that can cause pimples and ruin your smooth head-look, with onion extract for pore and dermal rejuvenation. Use twice weekly as part of your manscaping routine.

Skalp™ Vein Care

Skalp® Vein Care

Smooth heads look best without spider and thread veins. Skalp’s venatone cream is designed to tone and firm the capillary structure of the skin. Recommended for use twice-weekly.

All Skalp® products have been tested for suitability on all skin types and tones.

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