Scalp Micropigmentation for Women


Women too can face alopecia, thinning and baldness. Today’s females are losing hair more frequently than previous generations. Multiple studies have offered possible causes for Women’s Hair Loss; stress, hormones, pollution, hair products, diet, pregnancy, raised testosterones. As women increasingly break through the glass ceiling, stress-related hair-loss seems to be part of the downside.
And for women, as for men, the effects can be devastating to confidence and self-esteem. Women’s hair is frequently referred to as their ‘crowning glory’ so little wonder that when experiencing the trauma of hair loss, many women fear the additional loss of their sensuality and attractiveness.
Whatever is causing it – and whatever the individual effects – it is clear that a safe, accessible and effective a solution is needed.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Women’s Hair Loss

Skalp® Scalp Micropigmentation is essentially a medical hairline tattoo – using natural pigments we apply the treatment to the second epidermal layer of the scalp to replicate and blend with real hair follicles and strands. Using several different shades we’ll subtly infill and recreate follicles over three gradual treatments.

Cure Women's Hair Loss with Scalp Micropigmentation

What are the Benefits?

  • Scalp micropigmentation camouflages thinner parts of the scalp to disguise Women’s Hair Loss
  • Crucially, micropigmentation does not impede the body’s own ability to regenerate the follicles – for example, when stress levels have returned to normal
  • Micropigmentation is an effective camouflage to scarring from hair transplant surgery, burns, birthmarks and alopecia
  • It’s versatile enough for all ages, skin types and hair colours


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