Star Wars hits New York!


StarwarsIt’s back! The much anticipated Star Wars sequel is hitting America and New York is getting an extra slice of the drama. To celebrate the brilliance of the Star Wars series a new costume exhibition will be opening in Discovery Times Square this week is set to herald the coming of the blockbuster film.

“Walking into the galleries is like entering room full of old friends. Hello senator. At ease, trooper. Princess aren’t you chilly in that thing?”

New York Times

Yes, the exhibition will bring alive all the amazing characters aliens and scenarios that we know so well and it focuses on an aspect of the films that often gets little credit. We often speak volumes about the director, the actors, the voice overs and the ground-breaking special effects, but the costume department rarely gets the huge praise it deserves.

As the preview explains, it is the costume that leaves a vivid image in our memories and it is the costume that highlights the personality and culture of the character. The white armoury of the storm troopers is so well known to us now, they need no introduction, the black visage and cape of Darth Vader cleverly reflects his evil mind even though we do not actually see him at all!

As well as featuring costumes of the series favourites such as C-3PO, Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker there will be seven new costumes taken from the new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Trisha Bigga is behind all the costume designs, and the actors and actresses who have been in previous re-carnations of the film cannot praise her enough. As well as developing fantastic clothes which reflect a fabulous imagination and a need for precise detail, the actors simply love to wear what she creates – they help them in their work, they say. Many actors explain that it is the fact that she can capture the essence of the character in the clothes she designs – this in turn makes the actors job much easier. The costumes exude the personality traits they are expected to exemplify.

George Lucas, the series producer said that Trisha was quite unique with her skills. She actually watches how actors move in order to choose which fabrics she will use for each scene. Most importantly because there are so many special effects in the films the actors do not have scenery around them. More often than not, they have a blue screen behind them which eventually will be replaced by all the computer mastery. This means it is difficult for the actors to get into role. The costumes themselves in this situation come into their own, as they are often the only material thing in the studio they have to hold onto that reflects the character role.

The exhibition is at Discovery Times Square, 226 W 44th Street NY and is open for visits up until November 30th.

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