Start your beard this Xmas and raise money for charity!


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Start your beard this Xmas and raise money for charity!

Beards are definitely becoming an in-thing at the moment – they even make Father Christmas look trendy. But December is fast becoming a time to think about nurturing that manly chin bristle and join the party.

And it’s not just because a beard is likely to keep your chin warm in the winter. It all started about 10 years ago, with “Movember”. This yearly charitable event is aimed at guys and encourages them to raise money for men’s health by growing a moustache for the period of November. It has proved to be an extraordinary success – over the past 11 years the charity has raised $600 million! So, it did not take long for a similar idea to take root with the same kind of pun. This month is Decembeard.

Decembeard has been set up to specifically raise money to further research into, and help sufferers with, bowel cancer.

Its not too late! All you have to do is go to, the home website for Decembeard, and register for your new growth. Then you can get all your friends to sponsor you on your new journey. This really is a fund raiser that takes no effort at all! In fact, it is really attractive because you can be totally lazy – sit back and let it happen without lifting a finger while raising a whole lot of dosh for a great cause.

And this really is a good cause that tends to be easily overlooked. The statistics are both worrying and frightening. The more we can all do towards curbing this horrible disease has to be a good thing.


So, register and get growing! Let’s face it – you are doing it already!

By Nick Cassells

Resident writer and researcher at Skalp®

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