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While we are hair loss experts at Skalp, we also care deeply about men’s health in general. That’s why every October we always put our full support behind Stoptober. It’s a vitally important month for men to assess their health and to try to stop smoking. Giving up can be incredibly hard to do, but when you know millions of others are doing the same it can make things a lot easier.


But what is Stoptober and does smoking have any effect on hair loss? Read on to find out more as we go into more detail about all this and more.


stoptober to quit smoking improve hair and skin

What is Stoptober?

Public Health England created Stoptober in 2012. It runs for 28 days from October 1st through to the last day of the month. It exists as a way to encourage smokers to quit nicotine for good.


The NHS say if you complete the full Stoptober you are 5 times more likely to quit cigarettes for good.


Facts about the effects of smoking


Smoking and hair loss

There have been several studies about hair loss and smoking. Scientists have long believed there is a link between the two. The British Medical Journal and other leading sources support the idea that smoking can slow down hair growth and perhaps even lead to hair loss.


Nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes restrict blood flow to our hair follicles. It is also believed that cigarette smoke can lead to cell damage in the skin. This can create undernourished hair which will make it shrink and eventually fall out of the scalp.


Quitting smoking will help avoid this and improve the health of your lungs and heart. However, in many cases hair loss is often hereditary and a result of genetics. While smoking can make pronounce hair loss and accelerate it, quitting will not prevent genetic hair loss.


In 2007 the largest ever study on smoking and hair loss was published in the Archives of Dermatology. It found a strong link between male pattern baldness and men who smoke over 20 cigarettes a day. Over the years there have been many other studies all finding similar results. Other research suggests that smoking can lead to thinner hair and the onset of grey hairs earlier than non-smokers.



The NHS say if you complete the full Stoptober you are 5 times more likely to quit cigarettes for good.


Will stopping smoking help hair loss?

Although there has been no definitive evidence that smoking causes hair loss, there are enough links between the two to cause concern.


And it isn’t just your hair that would benefit from cutting out cigarettes. Your internal organs become healthier. Your mouth feels and smells cleaner. Skin becomes cleaner and our cholesterol becomes lower. You also reduce the chance of cancer and other diseases. The list goes on and on.


Get involved with Stoptober this October and make a big change that will help you feel better and live longer.


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