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Moza* is aged 28 and lives in Kent with his girlfriend and was recommended to us by a friend. He’s been losing his hair for the past 10 years and is a special needs teaching assistant. Moza* came along for a consultation a little skeptical but when he saw his practitioner had himself had the treatment he booked in straight away.
At first Moza* wanted to achieve a soft look but after two sessions he wanted a slightly darker shade and a sharper hairline so we added some more definition to the hairline.

Andy* is 61 years old and lives in Surrey with his partner. He started losing his hair in his thirties and now runs a corporate entertainment business. His job involves daily meetings and interacting with new people. Andy* felt that his hair loss made him look older than his years.
Andy* was anxious to match his natural hair colour as his remaining hair was beginning to grey, so he wanted the look to be as natural as possible. We introduced 3 different pigments into his remaining hair so there would be a seamless “salt and pepper” blend.
Andy* called back a few weeks after his treatment to say how much of a difference the treatment had on his confidence.

Angus* is in his early 40’s and started losing his hair in his twenties. He has tried almost everything and estimated that he had spent in excess of £40,000 over the years in his attempt to disguise his hairloss. After years of comb over and taking high price high promise hair regain products he had two failed hair transplants. He was unhappy with the results so he then tried out various hair systems. As Angus was used to wearing a hair system he went for a darker look and a soft natural hairline. He is delighted with the results.

Vinnie* is an IT Developer living in London. He had a hair transplant in the States a couple of years ago and while the initial results looked promising, the transplant failed to hold and his hairline looked sparse. Vinnie* was also left with a sharp scar across the whole of the back of his head from his transplant. He was left feeling self-conscious as complete strangers presumed he had been in an accident and would ask what had happened to the back of his head. At first, he contacted us just to camouflage his scars. He was so pleased with the results that he came back and had the treatment to the rest of his scalp done.

Adeola* Originally from Nigeria, has lived in the UK since he was a child. Now in his early thirties he has been losing his hair since his late teens. He hid his baldness with a variety of hats and caps. He had heard horror stories about transplants and, with a growing family, he felt that it was an expense he could neither afford nor justify with no guarantee of success. When a friend of his had his head done with Skalp he was impressed with the results and hasn’t worn a hat since. It was important to Adeola* to have a straight and sharp hairline with pronounced side profiles. He wanted to recreate the look from his younger years.

Ollie is 28 years old and, like his grandfather, started to lose his hair in his late teens. He didn’t have the time or money for a hair system however he came across scalp micropigmenation online. He works with autistic kids and spends his spare time doing gigs with his band “Scarlett’s Roses”. He booked a consultation and we were able to work his appointments around his work and band. Ollie wanted a semi defined hairline with angular side profiles to frame his face. On his third session we went for a few shades darker to achieve a fuller look.

*names have been changed to protect client identities

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After several years of suffering from thinning hair I decided to do something about it. I found out about Skalp when I accidentally came across their website online, I emailed them and got a prompt reply and after a consultation on Skype, booked my first treatment a week later. I’ve had 3 treatments and I’m very happy with the final results. I’d definitely recommend Skalp to anyone who has concerns about their hair.

I would like to thank Skalp and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the final result of my treatment. The work they have done is of wonderful quality and quite simply has transformed my confidence. I am extremely grateful. I know this their profession but I truly feel they wanted it to look as good as I did, there was a personal touch and genuine care which I appreciated.

Saeed P

I just wanted to thank you as I’m over the moon with my new hair, It has changed my life big time and the results are amazing, I feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I must say your one on one attention made me feel at ease and from the first session to third session, your help and personal care has been second to none, Sally loves it, as do I, It’s been a great experience, All the best, David, Sally & Freddie.

David C

My partner had the treatment last month. I am so excited by the changes in him – physically and in confidence. Thank you Skalp!

Lyndsey R

Skalp are doing an amazing service for bald and thinning guys. It gave me my confidence and mojo back.

Ian R

It was my partner who suggested I consider Skalp as he read an article in a magazine and couldn’t believe this treatment existed! I’d always been conscious of my failing hairline. I’ve had the treatment now for 6 months and can’t believe the difference. I’ve challenged people to identify which areas of my head have had micro pigmentation and which haven’t… 9 out of 10 fail and I reckon the 10% who get it right are just lucky!

Lance P

Being a bald guy, you get sick of all the jokes. Now I don’t get them, I kind of miss them 😉

Giancarlo F

I’m 45 and never had a tattoo before, never mind one in such a prominent position. I had 3 sessions with a Skalp consultant before eventually taking the plunge. They were patient and understanding even on the third visit. Id heard that tattooing could be painful but honestly I hardly felt a thing. The process was so gradual no one noticed, even the first couple of days after the treatment it just looked slightly sunkissed. My mum (who I guess knows me best 😉 said “You look different, I can’t put my finger on it – just healthy. Have you been going to the gym?”

Ian M

I hated looking older than my age (32) and now I have a full shaved hairline again, I know I look age-appropriate.

Dave S


I’m chuffed to bits. I’ve lost my egg-head look but without any surgery or embarrassment. I feel great.

Mark F

I started going bald around my mid 20’s, a typical horseshoe balding pattern. I made the decision to shave it all off rather than hide behind my comb over and I never looked back. I didn’t mind having a bald head as people said I had a good shaped head, however I never for a moment thought I’d have a hairline again. Skalp restored my hairline and the confidence I didn’t even realise I’d lost. I’m more outgoing now, I actually feel like I have more energy.

Robert W


My wife suggested the treatment – in fact she booked my initial consultation. I wasn’t too sure but I am so glad she did! She’s the only one who knows, everyone else just says I’m looking ‘well’.

Andy K


Im 36 years old and work in the public eye. I’ve had 2 unsuccessful hair transplants totaling over £40k plus thousands spent on lotions and potions. I like the cropped look, in fact I always joked with my wife that if I had all my hair back I would shave it all off as that’s the look I ultimately favour. I wanted to find a professional organization that offered medical standard insurance. Skalp took the time to explain to me the process and even insisted I take the 24hr cooling off time before accepting my deposit to reserve my first session. I wanted a natural hairline to reflect my age. I’m amazed at the results, the process completely covered the scars on my head from the unsuccessful transplants. The process took 3 weeks and was so gradual that even my colleagues at work didn’t notice. I couldn’t be happier.

Sam T


Just wanted to say a massive thanks for your care and attention, you have been excellent and I felt 100% confident in going ahead after the consultation. You got the shape perfect and made the whole thing an enjoyable experience! Thank again and hopefully see you in the future if i need any top up’s. All the best.


Hi Guys, wanted to thank you so much for everything, I just cant say how much this has meant to me. Thank you for all you have done, its been a real pleasure to meet you all, you are a good team and I was reassured all the way, and my confidence has shot through the roof. My wife and I are going out tonight for a meal together and I look in the mirror with a smile I didn’t have before. Shopping today the windows reflect the new me.
Thank you Nina for your info and everything. I send my best, every success for the future.

Terry J

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