What is on offer? We live in a world where the idea of popping a single pill to solve our problems is very appealing.

AUGUST IS NATIONAL HAIR LOSS AWARENESS MONTH The arrival of August brings with it National Hair Loss Awareness Month! The perfect opportunity for millions

The low-down on alopecia There are many different triggers for hair loss. You may be seeing thinning hair due to hereditary factors (male pattern

Probably the most well-known form of alopecia is alopecia areata. But did you know there are actually four different types of alopecia?    

Are black women more vulnerable to hair loss? We often tend to think of hair loss as being a problem for men. Rarely do

Fighting the hair loss battle: Shave it off! Hair style trends and fashions come and go and at the moment guys can be only

Ok. We all know that Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a great solution to hair loss. We also know that it can really be a

Women often experience diffuse hair loss, which can mean hair transplant surgery is not a good option. Additionally, in general, this also means they

The positives and negatives of using cooling caps to reduce hair loss in chemotherapy Cancer remains one of the world’s most feared illnesses. As

  Hair Loss And Anxiety Hair Loss And Anxiety can be a complex internal battle. Do you live in constant fear of losing your

One of the side effects of a lot of medication is unfortunately hair loss. If you want to get well or quell the onset

3 Main Hair Loss Types There are three types of hair loss that both men and women face. In degrees of severity, one is

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