How to reduce DHT naturally Dihydrotestosterone, more commonly known by its abbreviation DHT, is a sex hormone and modified form of testosterone. It is

Does Your Diet Affect Your Hairline? One of the main reasons why baldness can cause so much embarrassment is the perception it creates for

Hair loss, do drugs speed it up? Cocaine and Hair loss: There’s much to be said about the bad habits that can speed up

Is there a benefit for using lemon juice for hair loss? Lemons have never been top of my favourite taste list. That tart bitter

  The world of minerals and vitamins is today more extensive and varied than ever before, and as a nation we are now accustomed

Basil can reduce hair loss Well, I knew my mum was right – I should have eaten my greens when I was younger. At

What can your hair tell you about your health? Not many know the scalp and generally their hair might be alerting them about some

The main reason you are losing your hair could be mostly due to androgenetic alopecia, an inherited condition. Hair loss brought about by genetics

Hair and nutrition – let’s talk! Food makes us who we are, it’s our main source of nutrition and as such the health of

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