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Can stress really cause hair loss? Modern life can be extremely stressful for all kinds of reasons. It’s one of the reasons why discussions

“Does scalp micropigmentation look fake?” We understand why people can be sceptical, as there are a lot of treatments out there that never deliver what they promise.

I am worried about my hair follicles, does scalp micropigmentation cause damage? Understandably, when customers enquire about scalp micropigmentation they have a number of

Male Pattern Baldness- Can We Prevent It? Hair loss is something many men feel self-conscious or anxious about. Although this condition is not a

What is Male Pattern Baldness? Hair loss and male pattern baldness appear to be a nightmare for men. The most common form of hair

The unbelievable truth about scalp micro pigmentation… Scalp micro pigmentation is fast becoming both the great scientific treatment and the coolest way to deal

Hair loss is not due to one trigger, as we often chatted about on this blog. Recently in Japan scientists have found another reason

  With the arrival of Micro Pigmentation, a better understanding of why baldness occurs, and the presence of other solutions for hair loss, there

Are you losing your hair? Stress may be to blame There are many factors which can lead to hair loss. However, in the United

Top Tips for caring for your bald head The great thing about the shaven head look is you do not have to spend every

Thinning hair and hair loss is a problem for both genders but most prolific in men. Most men grin and bear it. In fact

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