“Does scalp micropigmentation look fake?” We understand why people can be sceptical, as there are a lot of treatments out there that never deliver what they promise.

What is Male Pattern Baldness? Hair loss and male pattern baldness appear to be a nightmare for men. The most common form of hair

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5 Natural Oils To Prevent Hair Loss Often the problem with treating hair loss is you don’t start dealing with it until it has

Solve hair loss and really turn your life around There really has never been a better time to be losing your hair. That may

7 tips for a healthier scalp for bald people   For the bald person, getting a healthier scalp is a priority. Many presume that

For every reason for hair loss there must be 10 ways on the market for dealing with it. From wigs, hairpieces, comb-overs, expensive hair

What can your hair tell you about your health? Not many know the scalp and generally their hair might be alerting them about some

Knowing that you’re safe in the hands of competent medical professionals, will go a long way to ensuring your comfort when undergoing any sort

What is Alopecia Areata? At Skalp® our service enables people find new aesthetic solutions to hair loss through Micro Pigmentation. We therefore want our

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