Im 36 years old and work in the public eye


Im 36 years old and work in the public eye. I’ve had 2 unsuccessful hair transplants totaling over £40k plus thousands spent on lotions and potions. I like the cropped look, in fact I always joked with my wife that if I had all my hair back I would shave it all off as that’s the look I ultimately favour. I wanted to find a professional organization that offered medical standard insurance. Skalp took the time to explain to me the process and even insisted I take the 24hr cooling off time before accepting my deposit to reserve my first session. I wanted a natural hairline to reflect my age. I’m amazed at the results, the process completely covered the scars on my head from the unsuccessful transplants. The process took 3 weeks and was so gradual that even my colleagues at work didn’t notice. I couldn’t be happier.

Sam T


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