The amazing truth as to why sunshine can prevent hair loss


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We all feel better after we have been in the sunshine. It’s not just about having that chance to lie on the beach doing nothing all day on a far flung island somewhere. Sunshine in itself harbours loads of nutrients and vitamins which complements our health and boosts a feeling of well-being.

We have discussed before in our Skalp® articles how the right diet is essential for both healthy hair, scalp and hair follicles. Nurturing your body with positive vitamins can keep your body healthy in so many ways. It has recently been found that one of those vitamins – vitamin D – is valuable in preventing hair loss. But you do not have to change your diet, vitamin D is found in something which is around us all the time -sunshine.

It sounds quite simple doesn’t it? If sunshine is around us all the time why worry? We get our necessary belt of vitamin D as we live and breathe yes?

Well, no.

As much as it is in the rays that break through clouds and dull days you really need natural direct sunshine to feel the benefit. But the real problem is that in modern society we are tending to shut sunshine out more and more. The majority of 9-5 jobs are spent under office rooves and we rarely get a chance to go out and take in the air. When they are at home, the majority of families will be either slumped in front of their TV’s or a computer, in a dark cinema, or in a badly lit restaurant.

We desperately try to keep fit with such hobbies as cycling, walking and jogging but only too often it’s much more comfortable to get fit in a gym – again protected against the sunlight.

So in the modern Western world this isn’t a problem that is likely to go away fast.

A link between vitamin D deficiency and hair loss

A recent report has suggested there is a real link between vitamin D deficiency and hair loss. A 2013 study published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology examined 80 female participants who had particularly unveiled telogen effluvium (TE), which is caused due to excessive hair shedding and female-pattern hair loss type and their relationship with serum levels of vitamin D and ferritin. The report concluded there was a likelihood of a link between low levels of vitamin d and hair loss. It is felt that vitamin D may regulate the expression of genes which may promote normal hair follicle growth.

Ok, so if you prefer to sit in darkened rooms with a remote control and a fridge full of Budweiser – don’t worry. You can supplement your vitamin D intake with fortified foods – though they should never be taken in excess as they could have side effects in themselves.

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