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At Skalp USA we are always on the lookout for people or companies who offer an extra special service for hair and fashion. We like those guys who genuinely have a passion for the world of hair styling and fashion.

It is not so long ago we set up our own Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic in the heart of New York and so we were desperate to find out what other services are out there in the city. It’s winter and it’s damn cold even in Central Park, but the magic of New York city in the winter never fades so you can imagine the bitter-sweet enjoyment tramping the streets checking out café’s bars and barbers.

A blast from the past

One chain of barber shops whose name resonates throughout this magnificent place is Reamir and Co. If you are looking for a luxury haircut, or an experience that takes you back to the barbershops of old, or even accessory services to die for then Reamir and co is the place to be.

Renowned throughout New York, Reamir and Co started out as a delightful family business and has been servicing the city since 1999. The company now has 5 barber shops and offers its own personal grooming products for men. Just down our street – there products include a special blend of botanical ingredients for hair and scalp care.

A family business

The CEO of the company is Arthur Rubinoff whose father Rubin founded the shop over 16 years ago. Arthur grew up in the family barber shop – it’s in his blood. Arthur can remember how his father used to work 11 hour shifts and he used to come home from school in the summer to work in the shop.

Arthur is determined to hold on to what he calls the “classic approach” to barber shop artistry that his father kept alive. The central core belief running through the company is the old art of cutting hair with comb and scissors (no room for electric trimmers here!) offers much more in the way of care and the results are significantly better. It’s that personal touch that is so effective that we are losing so much with the huge franchises.

They offer all the services you would expect from a high-profile luxury barber: haircuts, fades, layer cut, speciality scissor and comb cut and of course shampoo and blow dry. And like a classic barber you can enjoy a face shave, head shave, beard trim, goatee, and Moustache trim.

The “Royal shave” is the signature cut at Reamir’s and a luxury cut you will look forward to.

We think a lot of our clients looking for Micro Pigmentation at our clinic in New York will be popping along to Arthur to check out just how good they really are!

When it comes to a treatment like Skalp you should avoid making a decision based solely on price. Cost is important, but there are other factors to consider. Because this is a semi-permanent treatment you need to ensure you choose a company that delivers a thorough and professional service, instead of just offering the lowest price to convince you to use them.

Your appearance affects your mental wellbeing. So while you may save money with a budget option, you don’t want to pay the price for doing it on the cheap at a later date.

Skalp Micro Pigmentation offers a great service for people struggling with hair loss or who just want to join the bald fashion trend and look their very best. Trained practitioners apply pigments to the scalp so it appears as if you have a full head of hair – but cut fashionably short.

Whether it’s small bald spots or patches, or something larger, our SMP technicians can help. SMP can help you restore your confidence and perhaps even reduce your stress levels. It offers a better solution than expensive, damaging hair transplants.

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