The Solution for thinning hair: Micro Pigmentation


For many men there is only one thing more frustrating than thinning hair and that is how to deal with it. It can strike at a very early age and not only have a devastating effect on how a man presents himself but also it can have an appalling effect on his self-confidence and self-esteem.

There is the initial feeling of distress when you first realise you have hair loss and then, because you feel you just have to live with it, you put it to the back of your mind while using naff ways to hide what’s happening.

More than just a problem of presentation

What guys often don’t realise is it is having an effect on them on a very subtle surreptitious level. Sub-consciously you are aware that you hair is not how you want it to be – as much as you try medications, comb overs, better diets and other supposed remedies, the “embarrassment of you thinning hair is likely to be knawing away at you inside. That is when you may begin to close off to social situations, hesitate in putting yourself forward at work and miss out on the stuff in life that gives you a buzz.

All the ideas for dealing with thinning hair and hair loss (hair transplant, wigs, toupees, comb-overs, diets, medication etc) all have their place and for some they can be the answer. Indeed at Skalp™ we believe you need to find the right answer for your unique needs. We suggest you visit your GP in the first instance to get a clear idea as to whether your thinning hair is something you can reverse, control or cure – or not.

Unfortunately in the majority of cases it is a bug bear that some men just have to live with. But you don’t have to live with all the negative factors anymore thanks to Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

Cut to the chase

Scalp Micro Pigmentation does not pretend to cure, control or reverse your hair loss – it allows men to cut to the chase and create a whole new fashionable look – at the same time getting rid of the naff look of thinning hair.

How Scalp Micro Pigmentation works

Simply, when you sign up for scalp Micro Pigmentation, you will shave your head and our professional practitioners will do the rest. They will use their skills and expertise to replace your hairline with carefully matched tattooed pigments that match your skin colour and hair colour. The end result is fantastic! You only need to see our testimonials to understand what a positively powerful effect it is having on people’s lives.

Why Skalp™?

Skalp are the leaders in Scalp Micro Pigmentation. With already three highly successful clinics in the UK (London, Manchester and Edinburgh) we have now set up international clinics in Poland and Brazil. We will guide you right through your unique journey – right from those initial feelings of “Is this right for me?” to the perfection of the finished product. To get started why not send us a photo of yourself and we will send you a photo of what you will look like after the process!

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