Top Non-genetic Factors Leading to Hair Loss


la-caduta-dei-capelliThe main reason you are losing your hair could be mostly due to androgenetic alopecia, an inherited condition. Hair loss brought about by genetics is a gradual process and worsens with age. However, it’s not always that genetics are involved in the loss of your hair. There are diverse non-genetic factors making the hair to fall out, particularly if your hair was healthy before it started falling off almost immediately.

Surgery and general anaesthesia

Acute hair loss could occur due to surgery and use of anaesthesia. The reason is mostly due to the physical stress exposed to the body by a major surgery and general anaesthesia leading to alteration of hair cycles on the scalp. Excessive shedding of hair is experienced a few months down the line.

Prescription medications

By taking certain medications prescribed by a doctor, hair loss could result as a side effect. These medications a danger to your hair include a number of arthritis medications, supplements of vitamin A, medications for specific heart complications, blood thinners, pills for birth control, blood pressure tablets, gout medications, antidepressants, among others.

Thyroid complications

Thyroid disease has a number of common symptoms including hair loss. This disease is usually a hormonal issue where the body either produces to little or too much thyroid hormone. In case you have an underactive or overactive thyroid gland, the result is an extreme falling out of hair.

Fungal infections

There are a number of times when infections to the scalp bring about hair loss. One of these fungal infections includes Ringworm. The scalp turns scaly as hair falls out, mostly in patches due to the ringworm.


An impulsive control disorder, trichotillomania is a mental disorder that makes people to frequently and impulsively remove their hair. The noticeable result is hair loss. Those with the mental disorder always feel a persistent push to pull out their hair from various areas such as the eyebrows, scalp, nose and eyelashes, among other areas.

Severe stress

There are a number of times serious psychological stress results in hair loss. Those who have experienced very stressful events usually see their hair falling out terribly after a short period of time. Sometimes it takes eight months for hair lost due to stress to grow back slowly.

 Poor diet

If your body is not getting minerals, vitamins and a host of other vital nutrients from your meals your hair could start falling out. Lack of protein or taking too little within your meal could see your healthy hair getting damaged. As a result, the ability of the body to create fresh hair follicles hits a snag causing conspicuous hair loss after 60-90 days of taking a diet deficient in protein. It’s also possible to see a strict diet for weight loss leading to hair loss after 90 days of shedding at least 15 pounds and above of your entire body weight.


While women are pregnant, their hair is usually healthy and shiny. After childbirth oestrogen levels usually go down and the hair begins to fall out. While it’s generally temporary, it happens around 90 days after childbirth.

Hair treatment appliances

Hair damage sometimes makes hair strands to break. The culprits in most cases are a number of hair appliances using a lot of heat to treat the hair. They lead to hair breakage and damage where the victim might seem as if he or she has some baldness. Appliances that could damage your hair include curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers among others using heat to style your hair. The damage is even severe if the appliances are used on hair that’s wet; they boil the moisture within the hair shaft making the hair breakable.


Anaemia caused by iron deficiency is also a health condition that leads to hair loss. It’s caused by falling iron levels in the body as a result of blood loss, poor diet, and iron absorptions problems, among others. Low levels of iron have been found to bring about loss of hair.

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