How to use onions to stop thinning hair


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They say that thinning hair and going bald is man’s secret trauma. As much as man is happy to be open about many different crises in his life, the loss of his hair is one issue that is rarely raised in public. True, the bald head has come to be seen as a sexy fashion statement for guys in 21st century but it is the intervening stage that causes the stress. The stage when you pretend your hair is not disappearing, when you try and hide that receding hairline and when, in desperation, you may even contemplate the idea of a comb-over.

Well lads nows the time to come out of the cupboard, talk about the hairs on your pillow and cry into your beer. Or at least, go into the kitchen get out your onions and have a good cry while your peeling them – because it has been found that onions can in fact help to reduce hair loss.

Nutritious value

First of all because of the natural nutritional benefits of onions, it is good to make them a regular part of your diet. Recent studies have shown that the vitamins which promote hair growth and help prevent hair loss are all present in an onion. Its rich sulphur content is an ideal tonic for hair thinning. Even more than that, it has been found that onions can actually prevent premature greying of hair as well.

However as well as eating an onion, when the juice of an onion is applied directly to the scalp it can be very effective.

So how do you go about preparing your onion for the maximum benefit?

There are three ways in which to extract that nutritious onion Juice. When using a blender or food processor, peel off the onion skin, cut into quarters and then extract the juice after blending evenly; use the same method when using a juicer; if using a grater, peel, and cut the onion into halves and then strain out the juice from the gratings.

Taking onion Juice orally

 Oral consumption of onion juice can be beneficial to hair loss but it may not particularly sound very inviting. There is also the overpowering smell that you have to get over. However when added to regular recipes it can really enhance the taste of a dish. Other than that, if you wish to drink it on its own the sweet taste of honey can help the medicine go down: for every quarter cup of raw onion juice add one tablespoon of honey.

Applying onion juice to the scalp

Many prefer to use it directly on the scalp. This can be done very simply by applying to the scalp and leaving for thirty minutes – then wash away with a good shampoo. The smell of the onion juice may still be an issue when applying it to your hair so you could create a rum concoction to neutralise the smell. To do this finely chop an onion and leave it to soak in rum overnight. Strain in the morning and use the liquid on your scalp.

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