Valentines Day Gifts for Bald Men


perfect gifts for bald men this valentines day


Valentines Day gifts for bald men

With Christmas and New Year now a distant memory, its time to prepare for the next big event on the calendar. 2018 is now firmly established and with the arrival of February comes Valentines Day.

Whether you are in a new or long-term relationship you’ll have to get your thinking cap on. If your other half prefers a number one cut or suffers from hair loss the question then becomes what can you buy?

To make life a little bit easier we’ve put together a few suggestions of the perfect gifts for bald men. These are all guaranteed to hit the spot and win you extra points on the day!

Head Shaving Kit

This seems like the obvious place to start, especially if your other half regularly goes to the barbers then this will save a few pounds. You’ll find a lot of options to choose from but generally investing in a good head razor shouldn’t be done on the cheap. Buy a kit that includes cleaning brushes and a range of different settings. A nice storage box provides the perfect finishing touch. You can even offer to shave his head – if he’ll agree!

Head shaving cream

There are two options available; one to help make a smoother shave, and another for post-shaving. ‘Razorless’ shaving creams help those who suffer from bumps and irritation. Post-shaving balms will help ease the skin. They contain more nutrients than standard moisturisers. Sometimes the skin can be inflamed or red after shaving. Applying a soothing balm will allow the skin to recover quickly.

A hat and scarf set

Winter is still in full flow and spring isn’t always the warmest. This is a great gift because your loved one can use it again and again. No-one with a bald head or shaved head appreciates the cold wind or rain. Bracing yourself to go outside in the bitter cold with your skin showing takes some doing. A warm comfortable hat, offset with a scarf to seal in the heat will clinch the deal.

Beard kit

If it’s thinning on top that doesn’t mean it is elsewhere! If your other half has a flourishing beard, this will be the perfect gift for them. Men aren’t that big on receiving flowers and chocolates but this will do the trick. Find a kit with wax, oil scissors and a comb so they can groom their whiskers in luxury. However, be warned: A shaved head and a groomed beard is likely to produce a devilishly handsome man!

Scalp micropigmentation

We might be a little biased but giving someone their hairline back is a pretty special gift. Plus, a hair tattoo is an affordable option for almost anyone. Our hair SMP service will help your loved one get the shape and style they want to create a stunning new look. We’ve helped thousands of men to finally find a solution to their hair loss problems. This would transform how your other half looks and feels – and they’d love you forever for buying it!


Scalp micro pigmentation valentines gift for bald men

We are always available to answer your questions about scalp micropigmentation, get in touch with us today.



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