Watch out Bollywood! Ranveer Singh goes bald!



Watch out Bollywood! Ranveer Singh goes bald!

 There is no doubt that the excitement and intriguing culture of Bollywood continues to draw in more and more film fans every year. The top stars, directors and musical legends are becoming more like everyday names to new followers in the west and the music and soundtracks continue to make waves in the charts.

At the moment the east is waiting with baited breath for the release of the much anticipated Bajirao Mastani, a period romance based on the love between Maratha Peshwa, Baji Rao and his second wife Mastani. Thankfully badly kept secrets about the up and coming film are leaking all over the place and we already know that the lead role will be played by the infamous Ranveer Singh.

Everyone looking forward to Ranveer’s new bald look

 To play the part Ranveer has made clear that he will be shaving his head – which is great – but it has opened a whole new debate for the fashion gurus and a little bit of an issue for producers who are working on his current film. He is known by his fans for his long swirling brown hair which is one of the reasons why he himself has gathered such a huge fan base – the bald look for his new film (although reports suggest it is going to be quite an asset) maybe quite a shock for his regular groupies.

Ranveers career is in top gear at the moment and he is in demand from all sides of the film industry. He has recently finished filming Kill/Dil which is due to be released onNovember 15th. And there lies the problem. How can he attend the premiere of Kil/Dil with his new look which (1) is pretty much supposed to be under wraps at the moment and really to do with his portrayal of a character in another film?


Putting bald on hold

 Well, it seems there maybe ways he could cover up until the grand exposure – so to speak. On Bollywoood they are already putting their votes in online to help Ranveer decide how he should have his new look in order to keep the worst kept secret in Bollywood and allow him to appear at the Kill/Dil premiere more like a Kil/Dil character.

Three suggestions have been put forward. First of all he could bare all, stop teasing everybody and just go bald. Who would really care anyway? (well, everybody behind the scenes at Kill/Dil apparently) The second suggestion would be to wear a turban. Though this does sound a bit silly as everyone really knows what’s under there anyway. The third option doesn’t really cover anything up but is a kind of half-way house – a choti. This is a long tuft of hair left on the back of a man’s shaven head.

We think he is going to look cool with is brand new bald look so the sooner Kill/Dil is out of the way the better!

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