Why everyone’s raving about Micro Pigmentation!



Here at Skalp™ we are proud to be leading the way with Micro Pigmentation in the UK. Not only is it a cutting-edge fashion statement, it truly does offer a solution to thinning hair at low, low prices. Perhaps most of all, on a daily basis we get feedback from our clients which really bowl us over. They talk about how Micro Pigmentation has totally changed their life, brought new confidence and self-esteem and opened the door to a fabulous and exciting way of life.

That’s not bad from just a new hairstyle!

Well we can see the cynics frowning and shaking their heads now and we can hardly blame them – it does seem all a bit unbelievable. But the evidence is there – take a look now at our testimonials page and the numerous videos where are guys talk passionately about how their world has been turned around.

The fact is it’s more than a new hairstyle…it’s a new way of life.

Thinning hair is a problem for both men and women but it is always most prominent on guys. We have spent the last 2000 years trying to find a way to hide the fact that we are losing our precious locks because in western society it has terribly negative connotations.

The upshot is we don’t accept ourselves as we are. We hide our true selves away and at the same time we stop getting involved in social and work functions because we feel embarrassed about the way we look. Confidence goes through the floor and our social circle goes out the door.

A small step for man

Micro Pigmentation puts the breaks on all that rubbish. It feeds into one of the hottest hair fashions for men: the bald and shaved look. Once you have shaved your head the Micro Pigmentation process recreates your hair line using natural pigments in the form of a tattoo. Our specialist practitioners work with you to find the best hairline to complement your facial features.

The result? No more thinning hair. You now appear as if you have shaved your head in line with fashion (and look fantastic!) and, because you are not losing your hair, you look younger and more virile.

That’s why men feel such a boost to their egos and confidence. They can look in the mirror and feel at one with their peers and ready to get back in with the in-crowd. A real life-changer!

To get more information about Micro Pigmentation you can call us on 0845 094 1516 or fill out our website form.

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