Will Forte shows off half-bald hairstyle at Critics Choice awards


will forte

Ever been in that frustrating place where you cannot decide how to style you hair – wear it long or cut it all off? Comedian Will Forte inadvertently symbolised it well this week at the Critics Choice awards when he decided to wear half of his hair full grown and half bald. He really did look extraordinary with full hair and beard down the left side of his head and totally bald down the right side.

Will has recently starred in the American TV sitcom “Last Man On Earth” where he was seen with a full head of hair and extremely bushy beard. You can just imagine his thoughts sitting in front of the mirror after shooting for series had finished: should I cut it? How much should I cut off?

This is where the sense of humour of this guy took over and he decided to see what he looked like at both extremes. Now most of us may only prefer to wear this shock look for a very short time in the safety of our own bathroom but of course, Will decided this would be a perfect style to wear on his visit to the awards.

And did he cause a stir. As can be seen from the Mirror article and photo, the hilarity was catching and everyone wanted to get a photo with him. As well as making a splash on the red carpet outside the awards in Los Angeles, he was seen swopping selfies with the likes of Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel bloom and Jed Apatow. Will even went as far as shaving off one eyebrow to look absolutely symmetrical!

No one really knows the real reason why Will decided to sport his new weird hairstyle but the intriguing fact is he was not alone in his choice. Apparently his “Last man On Earth” co-star Mel Rodriguez did exactly the same thing! There he was with slightly shorter hair to the left and half a moustache – all symmetrically perfect.

Will forte is quite a new name to film and TV buffs in the UK but it is not going to be long before this guy is going to be running the front pages. Also known for his writing and producing it seems there are so many people in the TV world who have their own little tales to tell of Will’s cute weirdness.

We look forward to seeing more of you Will – it may not be the most handsome hairstyle in the world but it certainly got you noticed!

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