Will I go bald?


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A question every man or boy will ask himself sometime in his life. Very much considered to be an issue for the guys, hair loss is in fact a problem which pays no respect to gender, ethnicity, or age. It can be triggered by stress, a bad diet, and hairstyles which cause a strain on the scalp. It can be caused by illnesses specific to the hair or it can be start as a side effect of another illness. It can be hereditary and it can start simply through a lack of hair care.

It is not necessarily inevitable

So there is no doubt that looking after your hair plays a large part in reducing the chances of suffering from hair loss. This is definitely worth keeping in mind and it is probably a good idea to take a troll through the previous blogs on Skalp.com in order to pick up some really cool tips as to how you can really keep hair loss at bay.

Looking for solutions

There are two conditions however which are much harder to solve and that is when the hair loss is due to illness or it is simply hereditary. In all circumstances you should always get advice from your GP. Before you can find a solution you need to find out the real medical reason for your hair loss. In some cases, your doctor may well be able to prescribe medication or give you further advice about hair care, but in some cases and with some illnesses sometimes all you can do is mask the effect of hair loss and find trendy ways to look as cool as possible.

The most common type of hair loss is hereditary. Scientifically it is known as androgenetic alopecia but it is more commonly known as male pattern baldness (don’t be fooled here though – women suffer from female pattern baldness too). It has become very much a part of everyday life and so we tend to just except it with an air of complacency.

This is a pity because there is something you can do about it. As well as changing your lifestyle, being careful to look after your hair and getting advice from your doctor there are now all manner of treatments out there which can put things right. Unfortunately, some of them are naff (toupees, wigs and comb overs), some are very questionable (you look too deep into the internet for miracle cures and it gets kind of scary…) and some are just too expensive (a hair transplant).

Introducing Micro Pigmentation

But Skalp® offers a treatment which allows you to regain that appearance of an individual with a full head of hair. It is the process of scalp micro pigmentation whereby skilled practitioners tattoo a shaven scalp with pigments which match the hair colour and compliment the scalp tone. The result is the client appears to have a full head of hair (because the original hairline has been replaced) and has chosen to style his hair with the extremely fashionable bald look.

Will you go bald. There are ways of curing it, reducing its affects and masking the inevitable. And we have learnt at Skalp® that having your hair the way you want to it to be can have an extraordinary effect on your confidence, self-esteem and future successes.


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