Yoga for hair loss?


There have been some really strange health kicks hitting the headlines recently – and it seems the scientists, surveyors and statistic merchants can never make their minds up as to what is good for you and what isn’t. One minute we should be eating fat, the next fat will give us heart disease, first we are told to cut down on alcohol – the next we are told a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. You get to the stage where you really don’t know who to believe – so when we read an article on how Yoga can cure hair loss you can imagine how cynical we felt.

So where did this idea come from? Well, like yoga itself it originated from the east – the Far East. The connection is a reflection of how the issue of hair loss has become a big issue recently in the Middle East. You may remember in our last blog we talked about the problems of desalinated water and how it can cause hair loss. Because of the shortage of water in the Middle East, the practice of desalination (creating fresh water from salty sea water – taking the salt out) is very prolific. The majority of middle to lower income band families used desalinated water on an everyday basis.

Ok, fair enough that seems to make sense – they both come for the same geographical area but why on earth should Yoga help prevent your hair falling out? Seems like a tenuous link to me.

Well, actually it makes a whole lot of sense. Another main cause of hair loss in the high pressure, no- minute-to-live environment of the 21st century is stress. And this is one trigger for hair loss that can be reversed by taking a cool hard look at your everyday lifestyle. If you suddenly start noticing hairs in the plug hole, on your pillow or patches of hair missing on your head you should get a diagnosis from your GP as soon as possible.

Yoga is a discipline and exercise which is aimed at creating a relaxing environment – and within yourself. It focusses on creating enhancing strength and flexibility in order to boost physical and mental well-being. Physical exercise naturally leads to a feeling of mental well-being but the disciplines within Yoga are also aimed at creating an inner peace through meditation.

So on its own you can see how it is highly likely practising Yoga could well have a beneficial effect on your mind and body and in this case preventing hair loss if the reason for the complaint is because of stress. But we would see it as a factor to help you move forward rather than the whole package. You really need to look at your life to determine how you can change it to minimalize stress. You shouldn’t just use Yoga as an escape route. Also there are other parts of your lifestyle you need to keep an eye on such as good nutrition and getting sufficient sleep.


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