Your Skalp Consultation

Your Skalp® Consultation In a Nutshell

  • We’ll talk to you about the procedure and answer any technical or other questions you have.
  • Show you some ‘before & after’ pictures of the results we’ve achieved for our past clients.
  • All of the practitioners at Skalp have had the treatment themselves so you will be able to see the treatment in person.
  • Mark up your new hairline using a wax marker.
  • Do a virtual mock-up on a photograph of you to see what you would like after the treatment, like the examples below.
  • Discuss and agree costs with you.
  • You can decide if you’d like to have a patch test.
  • Skype consultations are also available.


scalp micropigmentation Consultation


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We know that our clients could be anxious about undertaking a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment. Our focus is to educate and reassure, informing you of all the details of the treatment so you can make a balanced and informed decision.

Your consultation is completely free of charge and with no obligation. Visit your nearest Skalp® clinic, meet the treatment experts, and relax whilst we answer all of your questions. Rest assured that Skalp staff will never make you feel pressured.

Your decision is yours alone, and we are simply there to inform you. Our reputation walks out the door with you so expect utmost discretion, approachability, knowledge and ethics.

If you request, we can do a discreet skin patch test at your initial consultation. A patch test is a method used to determine if the pigment could cause allergic inflammation of the skin. This is very unusual but we like to rule out any allergic reaction.

There is also the option of our Skalp home/hotel visit VIP Consultation for our celebrity and public-eye clients.

We understand that you may want to chat to people who have had the treatment, and we can put you in touch with Skalp clients who are happy to chat with you about their hairline rejuvenation journey. We also encourage our clients to drop by the Skalp Forum where you can discuss all aspects of Skalp and the treatment itself.

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