Why does Skalp Offer the Best SMP in LA?

11th October 2021

Why does Skalp offer the best SMP in LA? It’s an easy question to answer because there are so many reasons why it stands head and shoulders above its competitors. As part of the best scalp micropigmentation provider in the world, our LA clinic has so much to offer its customers. Read on and find […]

Is scalp micro pigmentation worth it?

4th October 2021

Is scalp micro pigmentation worth it? Before you decide to use the treatment, it’s important to know if scalp micropigmentation is worth it. Not only in terms of cost, but how it will affect the way you feel about yourself. Below we discuss the value of scalp micro pigmentation to help you make a decision […]

What do hair loss pill subscription companies offer?

8th September 2020

What is on offer? We live in a world where the idea of popping a single pill to solve our problems is very appealing. From curing a simple headache to losing weight, there now seems to be a pill available for everything. The hair loss industry is no different, with a number of subscription-based brands […]

Is Hair Loss A Symptom Of COVID-19?

27th July 2020

  After lockdown started in the UK in March it has been a confusing and uncertain time for almost everyone. Aside from uncertainty about our safety and jobs, there has been confusion over the way the coronavirus impacts our health. COVID-19 symptoms reveal themselves differently in everyone, which makes it difficult to know what is […]

Skincare For Bald Men- Designed To Be Bold 

13th March 2020

A skincare/ shaving routine hybrid At Skalp®, bald heads are kinda our thing. We are forever on the hunt for products and discoveries that could improve the lives of our customers in some way. That’s why, when we discovered a previous customer of ours, Lee Stafford, had developed a range of shaving and skincare products targeted […]

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