Hair Follicles Generated in Culture Dishes – The Future of Hair

Scientists in Japan have had success in generating brand new hair follicles in culture dishes, marking a huge new step in hair loss research. We took a look at the study and have shared the main findings for you below.

What Was the Study About?

A team of Japan-based researchers have been working to discover more about how hair follicles grow and are pigmented. As part of their research they attempted to grow new hair follicles in culture dishes via an in-vitro method that yielded promising results. The successful discovery promises to help the growth of new hair loss treatments as well as supporting enhanced drug screenings.

What Did the Researchers Find?

The main finding from the research was that the epidermal layer of the skin and the connective tissue work together to send messages to the body to start a new follicle production. This process is known as morphongeneis and simply means the the organisation of cells into organs and tissues. 

It is this process that scientists have been studying as the previous research that has been done was limited and did not result in new follicle growth. However, the current team of researchers were able to learn enough from their own study to achieve a full in-vitro follicle growth.

What Are Organoids?

If you’ve not heard of organoids then you are not alone! However, they have become a key component of scientific research in recent years. An organoid is simply a tiny version of an organ that scientists can create and then use to gain a better understanding of how they develop in culture dishes. 

In the hair growth study, organoids were used to better understand the way hair follicles grow, enabling the team discover the information needed to create brand new follicles. 

How Good Were the Results?

As the team used organoids to create the right cultures, they could then work to generative new hair follicles and new hair shafts within these dishes. The results were not just exciting, but they were 100% efficient, meaning that the team have discovered a solution that really works! 

In fact, the follicle organoids that the team uses managed to grow the hair shafts to 3mm in just 23 days, proving that they were not just able to create follicles but that growth was possible too.

 In addition, the scientists then added a drug that is vital to hair pigmentation to see if they could determine the colour of the hair and the result was significantly improved pigmentation. Finally, they also worked to transplant the organoids they had created and were able to regenerate the hair follicles repeatedly.

Why Are the Results Relevant?

Being able to discover a way to successfully grow new hair follicles has the potential to change the way we deal with hair loss in the future. Many people who suffer hair loss at a young age are often left feeling self conscious and unhappy with their appearance but the range of quick-fix treatments on the market are often expensive and sub-standard. 

With a new way to grow hair, new treatments can be designed and offered that will eventually become cost-effective and commonplace.

The Future of Hair

Before you think that this new discovery means you can enjoy a full head of hair next week, you aren’t quite there yet! Yes, this discovery is exciting and promises to change things for people who have balding or thinning hair but it needs to be explored further first. 

From reproducing the study to designing new treatments, it could still be years before any options start becoming available to individuals like you – but they are on their way!

It’s just another reason why scalp micropigmentation is the best hair loss solution available today. As you mature, so can the treatment, ensuring you always have a look you are happy and comfortable with. You can find answers to all of your scalp micropigmentation questions on our FAQ page here.

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