Do Hair Loss Shampoos Actually Work?


Do Hair Loss Shampoos Actually Work?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a cure for hair loss in a bottle you could buy in your local chemist? Imagine all you had to do was massage it into your hair and it would do the rest. Well, that’s exactly the promise made by hair loss shampoos. We’ve decided to investigate hair loss shampoos in this blog to see if they are worth the money.


do hair loss shampoos work to help hair growth


What do hair loss shampoos claim to do?

Hair loss shampoos are similar to countless other products available to buy. They suggest they hold the miracle cure to hair loss and can change the way you look. Although, when you line them up side-by-side, you’ll see they all promise the same thing using different methods.


Some might suggest cutting off the hormones that lead to thinning hair. Others offer to increase circulation to your scalp with added vitamins and amino acids. The question still remains, if these companies have discovered the magic cure, why has no-one else?


The medical facts

There is no getting away from the facts presented by science when it comes to hair loss. No matter what the packaging might say to the contrary.


As it stands there are two ways of treating male pattern baldness that medical scientists have approved. One is in tablet form and the other is a topical solution. Finasteride 1mg and Minoxidil 5% have both undergone large clinical trials. There has been some small evidence that they can prevent hair loss and perhaps even grow hair. However, this will only occur while taking the medication. Once finished, the effects of the drug will wear off.


Hair loss shampoo uses ingredients such as ketoconazole, cayenne and ginkgo. In theory, these should be able to increase blood flow and act as an anti-inflammatory, which all helps with hair loss. But as the water dilutes them when applied to the hair, their effectiveness is much lower.


The bottom line being that in order to scientifically prove their worth, hair loss shampoos need to undergo rigorous clinical trials before their claims can hold true.

do keratin hair loss shampoos work?

Do hair loss shampoos actually work?

The shampoos currently sold promising to solve hair loss have not undergone extensive medical trials. This means there is not enough evidence to rely on them as a solution for male pattern baldness.


However, all is not lost. While you cannot regrow hair using shampoo, you may be able to thicken it. This where is where volumising shampoo comes in. These types of shampoos are protein based. As our hair heavily consists of a protein called keratin, this may offer a solution. Using it can help to attract moisture in the scalp which can help to expand the hair to make it look fuller.


There are limits to how much this can help and it can’t work miracles. Much will depend on whether you have thick or thin hair. Also, how much hair loss you have experienced plays a big role.


What can I do if volumising shampoo doesn’t work?

You could always try scalp micropigmentation. It’s a universal solution for men no matter their type of hair. It’s far safer and longer lasting than a hair transplant. It is also far cheaper and more effective. Our skilled practitioners can match any hair colour. You can control the style you want to reclaim a full hair line. It’s changed the lives of thousands of men for better, helping them to regain their confidence and feel good about themselves once again.


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