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Scalp Micropigmentation is a relatively new treatment having been invented in 2006. Skalp® was the 2nd Scalp Micropigmentation company in the world to open and over the years we have treated over 10,000 happy clients, giving them natural, realistic and undetectable results.

When we first opened, for a few years there was only a handful of clinics worldwide offering Scalp Micropigmentation, but as with any new industry once the rest of the world catches on to an effective new treatment, new companies will open, some good and unfortunately some bad!

Scalp Micropigmentation should only be performed by highly trained professionals

Scalp Micropigmentation sounds easy, “Just do some dots on someone’s scalp” surely anyone could do that? We regularly see comments on Facebook etc saying I can just go to my local tattooist, if they can tattoo someone’s arms/back etc then this would be easy for them. The reality is very different, SMP is a very intricate, skilled treatment, although close to a tattoo as it involves pigment being deposited into the skin with a needle, the technique, needles, pigment, and the machine is completely different.

Skalp® treatment examples

Below are 2 examples of Skalp® treatments. The finished results are even, with uniform size dots. The density and colour is matching and blend perfectly with the remaining hair and the hairlines have a natural soft appearance.

Best Scalp Micropigmentation result

Both of these treatment examples the pictures were taken soon after treatment so the dots will be even smaller and more natural looking once fully settled.

Best SMP result

Would you go to a Tattooist/Dentist/Doctor/Plastic Surgeon that has 3-5 days of training?

Skalp® practitioners are trained for a minimum of 3 months before they are ready to perform treatment on our clients, then they are still closely monitored and continue to be trained to ensure they are meeting our extremely high standards.

As Scalp Micropigmentation has become more and more popular over the years people have seen SMP as a way to make some easy money. We are now seeing inexperienced practitioners that have just completed a 3-5 day training course in SMP (This is the SMP industry standard training course length outside of Skalp®) promoting themselves as the world’s best practitioners, sadly for clients that have not done much research, they have their treatment performed by one of these practitioners with little to no experience with minimal training and end up with blotchy, patchy, large dots and very unnatural results.

We even see some of these practitioners that have only had a few days of training then promoting themselves as the world’s best Scalp Micropigmentation trainers and offering their own training courses. So you have someone with no experience training the next person to perform SMP.

Ask yourself would you go to any business that will be performing a permanent treatment on your body that has only completed a 3-5 day training course? It would be bad enough getting a bodged tattoo on your back/arms/leg that could be hidden but a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is on your head and is out there for the world to see every second of every day. We understand new practitioners have to start somewhere but a few days of training is not a start, if you happen to be one of the clients in the first year of one of these practitioners you are effectively a guinea pig for them to practice on.

This example below is of someone that went to a practitioner that has only had 5 days SMP training, the whole treatment is patchy, with areas of large, dark dots and an unnatural hairline.

Botched Scalp Micropigmentation

This example below is of a client that went to a tattooist, the client showed the tattooist good examples of SMP and he assured him he could perform a Scalp Micropigmentation to the same standard.

The tattooist used a normal tattoo machine, needles and pigment and as you can see the dots are very large, way too dark in colour and the result is very patchy giving the client a very unnatural SMP result.

Bad Scalp Micropigmentation

This client went to another SMP clinic, the practitioner assured him he has carried out over 300 treatments and could give him a soft, natural result. He was shown examples of treatments that the practitioner claimed they had previously done.

As you can see the result is extremely patchy, with some patches of large black dots surrounded by areas of no pigment at all. After receiving the botched SMP treatment he did some research and found out the practitioner had only completed their 5 day training course 2 months prior. He also found out the examples that he was shown by the practitioner were actually stolen from other clinics.


Can Skalp® fix it?

Every week we will have at least 5 people contact Skalp® and say I’ve just had Scalp Micropigmentation at another clinic and I’m not happy. Can you fix it? Sometimes they just have patchy, uneven results, that are slightly too dark or light with unnatural or asymmetrical hairlines, but sometimes their head is way beyond repair with dots that are 5-10 times bigger than they should be and the colour is way too dark and blotchy, and they are now hiding under a hat because they are too embarrassed to be seen in public.

If they are lucky and the other clinic has not gone too dark or given them very large dots all over their head then we can fix it. But sometimes they are not that lucky and the only solution is to remove the whole treatment with a laser and start again.

The below image is an extreme example of how badly Scalp Micropigmentation can go wrong when performed by a practitioner that has not received appropriate training. This was carried out by another tattooist that said he could easily perform an SMP treatment.

Scalp Micropigmentation Gone Wrong

Do your research!

The message here is to do your research and do a lot of it before choosing your Scalp Micropigentation clinic.

Skalp® hasn’t built our reputation by chance, we are recognised worldwide as the world’s number one Scalp Micropigmentation clinics because we have the most skilled and experienced practitioners in the industry. We have completed 10,000’s of undetectable, realistic and natural looking Scalp Micropigmentation treatments and go the extra mile to make the whole treatment process an enjoyable, professional and life changing experience.

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