Another hair transplant goes horribly wrong


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Can hair transplant go horribly wrong?

When hair transplants work they can look absolutely fantastic. When they go wrong it can be an absolute nightmare. And unfortunately its only too often we see headlines that tell the worrying truth about how badly hair transplants can cause issues.

The victim in this case was 51 year old Graham Ryder, an electrician from East Finchley in London. After his deeply disappointing he has had to look at further treatments in order to rectify the results of his hair loss surgery. Now Graham is suffering with “dent-like scars” on his scalp and is left with only one option – to go under the knife again.

Psychological and physical effects of the hair transplant

A successful hair transplant can assist the client in many ways. It can primarily enhance the individual’s presentation and without doubt make them look younger and more vital. Consequently it can also assist with confidence, self -esteem, and social and professional functioning. However for poor graham he has had to endure the exact opposite – and of course he continues to layout further money so he can go out without feeling embarrassed.

Graham told the Mail online that at first it seemed that the treatment was working. But this did not last long. He said “…as my natural hair started to receded more it exposed the transplanted area, which grew in a very tufty sort of fashion, which obviously looked unsightly. It looked like a toothbrush. It got the point where the results of the surgery looked worse than having no surgery at all.’

Electrolysis and further surgery needed

To correct the procedure Graham decided to have electrolysis. While this removed the odd looking tufts of hair which had been causing him so much embarrassment he was now left with an even greater problem. There were now 50 indented scars across the crown of his head. Grahams partner Maria Sierra was well aware how this psychologically affected Graham.

He is now attempting further surgery under the guidance of specialist hair surgeon, Dr Greg Williams who feels the scars can be removed by stitching them over. He has been told he will need to attend further surgeries over a two year period.

Good luck Graham!

As we said at the beginning of this article – a successful hair transplant can be a perfect answer to hair loss. When it works well it can be life changing on many different levels. What we here at Skalp want to make plain is it is not the only answer. Micro Pigmentation continues to become a truly innovative way of dealing with hair loss. It is safe, effective and can be life changing in just the same way.


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