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Non-Surgical Hairline Restoration

11th September 2017

Non-Surgical Hairline Restoration Micropigmentation is the ideal way to restore a thinning or receding hairline without requiring any kind of surgical procedure. Hairline restoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Being much kinder on the pocket than transplants, scalp tattoos are also a better alternative if there are budget constraints. Scalp micropigmentation creates the appearance of… »

WARNING- This Popular Hair Loss Medication Could Trigger Erectile Dysfunction.

7th September 2017

WARNING- This Popular Hair Loss Medication Could Trigger Erectile Dysfunction. Around half of men over 30 in the UK suffer with alopecia at some stage in their lives. Most of those use who do, use medications and procedures to try and regain their hairlines.  Some medications however do have scary consequences – such as erectile dysfunction…. »

Common Mistakes For Hiding Thinning Hair

17th August 2017

6 Common Mistakes For Hiding Thinning Hair   Whether young or old, adapting to sudden changes in your physical appearance is not easy. Furthermore, discovering you have thinning hair can be prove to be quite a shock! The natural reaction is to find ways to cover it up and the results are not usually as… »

Britain’s Got Transplants

4th August 2017

Britain’s Got Transplants George Sampson has revealed his hair transplants results! It is estimated that as many as 1 in 10 people in the UK suffer with hair loss and baldness. That’s a staggeringly large number if you didn’t realise! To put it into some kind of perspective, this equates to approximately 7 million people… »

Hair Transplant vs SMP

13th June 2017

When hair loss starts to be come an issue there will be several things that you might be considering:  Just putting up with it Considering a hair transplant Considering Scalp Micro pigmentation (SMP) With those choices, you probably want to weight up your options. So, we’ve noted the key differences for a Hair Transplant vs SMP. … »