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Do dietary supplements or vitamin pills help prevent hair loss?   Almost every day there’s a new product released claiming to stimulate hair growth or

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Does Your Diet Affect Your Hairline? One of the main reasons why baldness can cause so much embarrassment is the perception it creates for

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For most of us, Trichotillomania will be an unknown medical condition, however for the sufferer Trichotillomania is nothing short of disruptive to every, single

Ok, the results are in – there is no doubt that women find bald men attractive. Apparently many people (especially women!) would find this

Is there a benefit for using lemon juice for hair loss? Lemons have never been top of my favourite taste list. That tart bitter

  The world of minerals and vitamins is today more extensive and varied than ever before, and as a nation we are now accustomed

Cures for hair loss have always been somewhat the remit of snake oil sales men. As one of our recent posts shows, there’s been

Even though most of us understand that genetic factors tend to cause the lion’s share of hair loss, there are also some external ones

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