Can minerals and vitamins prevent hair loss?


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The world of minerals and vitamins is today more extensive and varied than ever before, and as a nation we are now accustomed to health shops gracing our High Streets as standard, with many of us many buying into this movement in a bid to overcome a plethora of health issues and concerns.

So here we take an in-depth look into the realm of health supplements in and as they relate to the health of our hair in a bid to answer that all-important question as to whether they really can prevent hair loss.

Vitamin C: Boost the all-important blood supply to your scalp

We begin with a look at vitamin C as it seems that this may well be one of the most backed up of all the vitamins and minerals on our list in relation to its scientific credence as a hair loss preventative. This is not least down to this vitamin’s ability to naturally promote healthy circulation (including circulation to the scalp, which can promote hair growth).

Iron: Overcoming hair loss caused by iron deficiency

Being iron deficient (e.g. low on the body’s natural stores of iron) can cause hair loss, however many of us are either unaware of our iron deficiency, or do not know that it can be intrinsically linked with thinning hair. And whilst not all studies suggest a rock solid link between iron deficiency and hair loss, there is undoubtedly a growing area of research that is adding more weight behind a relationship between the two.

B Vitamins: Boost hair growth, as well as energy

The evidence behind B vitamins serving to boost hair growth is, similarly to Vitamin C, growing. However even if these handy supplements fail to slow your hair loss rate at least you can look forward to boosted energy levels!

Vitamin D: A friend to your follicles

Vitamin D is one supplement within our list that is an unequivocal vitamin for healthy hair. Most specifically it promotes healthy follicle growth and restoration, and as such, can be beneficial for those suffering from hair loss.

Biotin: Boost your cell growth

Biotin, a water soluble B-complex vitamin, will nourish your hair follicles and promote cell regeneration. Biotin is also found naturally within our bodies, and a deficiency within biotin can result in ongoing hair loss.

So, will a combination of these vitamins and minerals prevent hair loss?

Unfortunately whilst there is much to be said for each of the vitamins and minerals on this list, there is no concrete evidence that any or even all of these when combined will have any effect on someone suffering from hair loss. Nevertheless even where these supplements fail to stimulate hair growth they each offer up a plethora of health benefits, such as boosted energy levels, circulation levels and a robust immune system.

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