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7 of the essential foods for great hair care

27th March 2016

No need to start some boring old diet here – this is about being aware of which foods are giving you the nutrients which keep your strong and actually fight hair loss: Brown Rice: Rice is a staple side for so many exotic meals. But brown rice is head and shoulders above long-grain or basmati […]

Beer can reduce hair loss! Whose round is it?

15th January 2016

I love beer in any form. A great lover of real ales, I like it cold, dark, big head, golden, or warm. Whichever way it comes, a few pints with my mates down the pub can seem like nectar in paradise. However, I am talking here about drinking it. Apparently it is really good for […]

Women do find bald men attractive

28th August 2015

Ok, the results are in – there is no doubt that women find bald men attractive. Apparently many people (especially women!) would find this statement very obvious, but the fact is there is still a frightening myth hanging about that bald men are in some way inadequate when compared with their hairy counterparts. So where […]

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