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It is true to say that we all naturally lose hair all the time. Our hair goes through cycles where there are small periods

The positives and negatives of using cooling caps to reduce hair loss in chemotherapy Cancer remains one of the world’s most feared illnesses. As

For some time we have been aware that for all the good oral contraceptives can do, they also have harmful side effects such as

For women hair loss can be devastating, especially if you’re younger or already in a vulnerable position. There are issues for people of either

Basil can reduce hair loss Well, I knew my mum was right – I should have eaten my greens when I was younger. At

How plasma therapy can help restore hair follicles Here at Skalp® our aim is to be aware of all the possible techniques that deal

What can your hair tell you about your health? Not many know the scalp and generally their hair might be alerting them about some

The main reason you are losing your hair could be mostly due to androgenetic alopecia, an inherited condition. Hair loss brought about by genetics

Hair loss is unfortunately, one of those things that happens to many of us, however that doesn’t make it any easier if you’re the

It has been a curse for guys the world over ever since we have been painting on cave walls and rubbing sticks together to

Hair loss can be hard issue to come to terms with, in the immediate and the long term. In fact, some of the people