Hair Loss

Why does Skalp offer the best SMP in LA? It’s an easy question to answer because there are so many reasons why it stands

How to combat a receding hairline. Why is my hairline uneven? Do you have an uneven hairline? There are a number of reasons why

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is sometimes dismissed off-hand by people who believe it is not a ‘real thing’. However, it is a mental health

Hair Restoration on the Today show According to a new figures release late in 2018, the global hair loss market is set to be

Most of us look forward to getting into bed and resting for the night. But millions of people around the world suffer with lack

Sunday, May 14 was a day of redemption for Tiger Woods. After 11 years of not winning a major championship he lifted the Masters

Vegan Diets Are Great For The Environment- But What About Your Hair? Once upon a time, being a vegan did not have the most

For many men, it is easier to ignore their baldness than accept the truth. If you are reading this post on ‘Ways to know

What are the disadvantages of hair systems? Dealing with hair loss can be a stressful time and most men who start to lose their

In this blog we go into more detail about the types of hair loss scalp micropigmentation can fix.  This covers receding hairlines, bald patches,

New Research Suggest’s An Eczema Drug That Also Grows Hair Back in August we reported on a new drug that could reportedly cure hair

Can Sandalwood help hair growth? Another week and another scientific ‘breakthrough’ for hair loss. There have been a number of leaps forward recently and here

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