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Fake Hair News

“Does scalp micropigmentation look fake?” We understand why people can be sceptical, as there are a lot of treatments out there that never deliver what they promise.

Elton John’s Hair Loss Journey Elton John is almost everywhere you look at the moment. His film biopic, Rocketman, has been a critical and

John Travolta Goes Bald! The prospect of going bald is incredibly difficult to overcome for most men. It can feel even harder in today’s

Many people still use hair systems today, despite alternatives such as scalp micropigmentation being available to them. Where they were once the only real

These five A-list male celebrities prove that balding can be badass, hairless can be hot, and thinning can be winning. Here are the five

Did Trump Have Scalp Reduction? The release of Michael Wolff’s book, ‘Fire and Fury’, at the start of this year caused quite a bit