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Top Hair Transplant Alternatives 2017 

16th November 2017

Top Hair Transplant Alternatives 2017   If you’re experiencing a high level of hair loss or thinning and want to remedy the issue, you’ve come to the right place.   Perhaps you’re unhappy with changes in the appearance of your hair but uncertain whether a hair transplant is the right choice for you. With such […]

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Results Change Lives

9th November 2017

Experiencing hair loss can be quite disturbing; it interferes with your looks and makes you self-conscious in public. You may get away with hiding the hair loss for a short while. However, it eventually starts becoming noticeable as more hair falls off.   But, the reality is you don’t have to go through the torture […]

4 Tips To Prepare For Movember 2017

1st November 2017

4 Tips To Prepare For Movember 2017 Movember 2017 is upon us once again and for those without any hair under their nose it’s time to let that stubble grow out. For those with facial hair it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment and create a brand new look. Put down the shaving gel and razors […]

Is Baldness Actually Good For Your Health?

20th October 2017

Is Baldness Actually Good For Your Health? According to studies conducted by scientists in the US, men who have signs of baldness by the age of 30 are apparently less likely to contract prostate cancer. The study was conducted by scientists at the Washington School of Medicine. 2 thousand men, aged between 40 and 47, […]

Are Bald Men Attractive? We Have The Answer!

15th September 2017

Are bald men attractive? We Have The Answer! You may be losing your hair, feeling a bit insecure, then find yourself asking ‘Are bald men attractive?’  The short answer is: Yes, obviously!   Being bald has not restricted the stellar careers of the likes of Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and even John Travolta. Women have a wide […]

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