Problems With Hair Concealers – Hiding Hair Loss in Summer


The problems with hair concealers or hair fibres

If you’re dealing with hair loss, using hair concealers may seem like a good short-term fix. It’s easily applied and covers up that all-important thinning or bald spot. But it isn’t the most durable of solutions. At heart, it is a cosmetic application that can only do so much to help.

The arrival of summer brings with it a lot of problems with hair loss sufferers. Especially those thinking of using hair concealer. Try as you might there are some disasters that will happen no matter what you do. Read on to see what summer hair concealer horrors could happen over the next few months.


problems with using hair concealers or fibres in summer

Swimming pools and hair fibres dont mix well

You’re away on holiday and loving life. The sun is out, the stresses of work and life back home are a million miles away from your mind. It’s a little hotter than normal so a dip in the pool seems like a great idea.


You begin splashing around without a care in the world. Until that is, the sun starts feeler hotter than normal on top of your head. You may go into the water with your hair perfectly concealed but the water soon reveals to everyone else how much hair is really on your head.

Going away with mates or a new girlfriend

Even the closest of friends rarely know about all our little secrets. That is especially true when it comes to keeping up appearances for a new girlfriend. It takes a lot of confidence to reveal your baldness for fear of putting them off. It’s a common reason why so many use hair concealer.


However, it takes military-like precision to avoid them finding out. Quietly applying it in the bathroom in the morning and nipping off to top it up during the day will quickly raise suspicions. You won’t even allow friends or girlfriends to touch certain parts of your head. It’s a stressful game in the end. And one that usually ends up backfiring.

Constantly wearing hats to cover hair loss

The sun is out and as much as we Brits love the blue skies and high temperatures, our skin isn’t used to it. For men dealing with baldness this is especially true and while concealer covers it up, it won’t stop the heat on your head.


Which is why wearing a hat on most day’s works well as it keeps you cool and protects the skin. However, wear it too long in the heat and the concealer will come off with all that sweat. Which is never a good look. Then you’ll probably forget, take off the hat and reveal your lack of hair without even noticing.

Day drinking sessions means sweaty hair

Going away with mates or just making the most of the sun at home will usually mean having more than a few drinks on occasion. Especially with the World Cup on everywhere you look. But how good is your memory while drunk? That hair concealer hasn’t got your back, that’s for sure.


Things can get very messy while out drinking in the sun and you rarely go home in the same state you arrived in. This includes your hair. Plenty of photos and videos are taken that you won’t even remember. Until you’re sent one the following morning, with all your mates laughing and joking about your bald spot.

Summer festivals and no where to top up concealer

Possibly the worst problem with hair concealers is having no where to top it up. Festival season has started and it’s the chance to go and see some of your favourite bands. It also allows you to enjoy the sun, the party vibes and get the most from a ticket that cost an absolute fortune.


But it also gets pretty sweaty out there in a big crowd and for anyone wearing concealer, there is no place to hide. You probably won’t have a mirror on you to check if your hair is still covered. The only saving grace is you’re surrounded by thousands of people who don’t know you. But if you’re with your mates or girlfriend, then it won’t be a happy ending.


Does this all sound too familiar?


There is a permanent solution

Hiding your hair loss in summer can be a particularly distressing time. The problems with hair concealer and fibres far outweigh the positives if hiding your hair loss leaves you feeling stressed and isolated.


The good news is there is a better, permanent solution.


Scalp Micropigmentation can give you the look of a full head of shaved hair and even restore receding hairlines.


scalp micro pigmentation is a non surgical hair restoration treatment photo before SMP

Learn more about scalp micro pigmentation treatment


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