Shaving after SMP – Dos and Don’ts

Everyone has their preferred hairstyle, and just because you’ve had scalp micropigmentation treatment, it doesn’t mean your choices are any more limited. But what are the dos and don’ts of shaving after SMP? Here we offer some advice to help you get the most out of your style.

Dos and Don’ts of Shaving after SMP

Man shaving after SMP

Thinning sides 

SMP works wonders for scalps that are thinning on the side. This is because it adds extra volume to complement the hair on top. If you have a tapered or faded style on the side and thicker hair on top with good volume, this combination works well with the treatment, blending in naturally with your hairline.

Thinning on top

Like using scalp micropigmentation for thinning sides, you can apply the same principle to hair thinning on top. Use the treatment to conceal areas of thinning hair so it looks thicker with more volume and density. Doing this gives you more options over how you style your hair if going fully natural isn’t your preference.

Fully shaved head

Many men who get a scalp tattoo tend to go for a natural style as SMP helps to define the hairline clearly. If you have prominent bald patches or a receding hairline, practitioners can create a new shape to suit the shape of your face while also looking just like real hair. You can use an electric shaver to keep any other growing hair short and trim. When mixed in with scalp micropigmentation, most people cannot tell the difference.
The added advantage of maintaining a shaved head after SMP is that it continues to hide any hair loss. If hair grows it can look thicker and darker than the treated areas, revealing bald patches again.

If you want to go for a full shaved look, there are 3 good ways to maintain it at home:

• Hair clippers
This is ideal for first-time shavers as it will likely be more comfortable than using an electric shaver or razor. You are also less likely to experience scalp irritation with this method.
• Electric shaver
Electric shavers take a little more work as the blades are smaller and are passed over the scalp several times. Choose between a rotary shaver (longer-lasting blades) or a foil shaver (cuts more closely to the scalp).
• Wet shaving
This tends to be the expert’s choice as it produces a cleaner cut, and the hair stubble looks very similar to SMP. Invest in good-quality razors to avoid skin irritation.

Once you have finished your treatment

For 4 days after you have finished your SMP treatment, we recommend that you do not shave your hair. This is because the scalp will still be sensitive and needs this time to heal properly. After this, your scalp should be able to deal with regular shaving, while you should also make sure it is kept moisturised to avoid drying out.
After these 4 days, it is up to you to maintain a routine that works best for your hair. Some people’s hair grows faster than others and may need to trim every day. It all depends on the hairstyle you are most comfortable with and how often you are happy to shave.
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