Receding Hairline In Your 20’s? 4 Hair Loss Solutions To Consider


Hair loss for men in their 20s is far more common than you may realise. In most cases this is down to genetics and a hereditary connection. Rarely is the hair loss so bad that it leads to complete baldness at such a young age and in most cases you will notice it far more than other people.


However, it can affect confidence and affect the way you live your life. The good news is there are solutions available for men in their 20s dealing with a receding hairline. Read on to see which one offers the best solution.


young man with a receding hairline

Using a hair system

A hair system is another term for a wig, toupee or hair piece. Traditionally they have got a very bad reputation for looking too obvious when worn. They consist of a thin membrane that contains real hair and usually need replacing every few months.


Over the years hair systems have got a lot better and look far more realistic. However, the big concern is always that someone will notice the difference. Or worse still, dealing with the bonding tape/glue losing its adhesiveness and the hair system sliding to one side or falling off completely. It’s a stress that doesn’t make for an easy going lifestyle.


hair system on young man

Scalp micropigmentation

In terms of realism, longevity and cost effectiveness, there is no better treatment for a receding hairline available. Scalp micropigmentation recreates a full hair line in detail, making you look and feel great. Skilled practitioners place pigment-like dots across the scalp matching the colour of your existing hair.


It is also an extremely easy treatment to maintain and lasts for years. There are no chemicals involved so the skin isn’t exposed to any harmful toxins. As a non-invasive treatment there is no risk of infection as only minimal incisions made in the skin.  SMP hides hair imperfections and looks realistic enough so most people will never notice the difference.


the shaved head look- the shaven look

Hair transplant

More often than not, a hair transplant will produce poor results. When you consider how much the treatment costs and the long recovery period, it doesn’t make sense to put yourself through it. We’ve had many customers tell us that their new hair fell out after only a few months. This means they have wasted their money and are back to square one again.


Hair transplants also give you back far less hair density. This is because fewer hairs are used to cover an area that once contained far more. Over time the hairs will also thin and age, so in another 10 years they will become limp and unmanageable.


hair transplant for receding hairline in 20s


People want quick results in today’s world and the idea of popping a pill to solve their hair loss can be enticing. There are a lot of promises made by some drugs that never come true. On the other hand there are those that do help slow down hair loss, but these only work while you are taking them. This means they are not a long term solution.


Another big problem is dealing with the side effects. Some people are lucky and don’t experience any at all. But most men do and this makes taking the drug far more hard work and problematic in the long run.


medication for receding hairline in your 20s


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