The First Signs Of Going Bald And What To Do About Balding


Signs Of Going Bald And How to Stop Them


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There’s not a dude on earth who wants to face the fact that they have the signs of going bald. Most men, however, will experience at least some degree of male pattern baldness in their lifetime. There are a variety of factors for this. Obviously, your genes play a major part in determining whether you will be have manly mane or a cue ball, but fret not. There’s always a way forward.


Here’s the harsh truth of the hair situation: even though over 90% of men feel that balding is a major concern in their life, most men don’t act in time to save their locks. If you fall into this category, read on. There’s still hope.


When your follicles fall out, it can lead to full-on social fallout, so, with this in mind, let’s look at the main issues surrounding the mane problem!


Hairs in the sink


When you see hairs in the sink, don’t let your heart sink too much. Just because there are stray hairs strewn in in your basin, it doesn’t mean that your fears are based in reality. Every human sheds hundreds of hairs every day. But take note: if you have an increased concentration of hairs gathering on pillows or in the tub, this could be an early sign of balding. Its best to consult with a doctor about a sudden increased amount of hair fall.


The great recession 


Let’s talk about receding hairlines. We all know that you are supposed to treat your body as a temple. Many men take this to heart, but don’t include their temples. From generation to generation, there has been a continual historical succession of hairline recession.  A receding hairline is a natural part of ageing in men. Although it may be noticeable to you, a subtle receding hairline is not usually noticed by others. If you feel insecure about it, or start to hide it using excess products, perhaps a hairline restoration treatment could be your answer.

An itch, a scratch, a very bald patch


While having an itchy head is not necessarily a sign of balding, it’s entirely possible that your reaction to an itchy head may lead to increased balding. Scratching and rubbing your head may help to erase the hair you have. It’s important to think about the hair you have left and look after it well. Try scalp massages for healthy hair and hair follicles.


A micro solution for a macro problem 


If your signs of balding are beyond repair, don’t stress, my dudes! There is a solution, and it’s not some weird liquid, pill or fake wig. Consider these three words: Scalp Micro Pigmentation. While the chumps opt for potions, pills, and toupees, why not consider a more elegant answer? When the signs of going bald are too strong to ignore, the most natural-looking solution by far is this innovative, new form of cosmetic pigmentation. It’s kind of like regular tattooing. It using cutting edge equipment and intricately reestablishes a realistic looking hairline.


If all hope and hair seems lost, fear not. Scalp Micro Pigmentation may be the perfect way for you to remake your mark.


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