Is Yoga For Hair loss A Real Thing?


Yoga for hair loss – Does it work?

Over the years we’ve heard many weird and wonderful claims made about hair growth. In many cases we can only roll our eyes at how bizarre the idea is. But there are suggestions that come up occasionally that make a lot of sense- like yoga for hair loss.


We’re always looking to help our customers manage their hair to improve their quality of life. That’s why when we heard about yoga for hair loss we had to take notice. While yoga cannot reverse genetics or treat alopecia or more severe diseases, but it may be able to help some other causes of hair loss.


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Dealing with stress

Stress is an unseen force that everyone has to deal with to varying degrees. It also plays a key role in stimulating hair loss. Yoga has been championed as a possible solution to reducing hair loss from stress. Yoga classes incorporate activities that enable you to destress. Practises such as deep breathing and meditation help you to remain calm and stable. In turn this balances the nervous system which then allows you to relax. Yoga can also help to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood.


Improving blood circulation

The circulation of blood in the body and hair follicles is essential to stimulating hair growth. Some of the poses taught in yoga are designed to boost blood circulation to the head. This could be anything from a half headstand to a fish pose. Shoulder stands and plow poses also help the head and heart. Some of the poses are more advanced than others. Take the time to move up to any which seem more complicated. As much as you want to improve blood circulation, it isn’t worth injuring yourself in the process.


Hormone regulation

There are some suggestions that by balancing hormone levels in the body, yoga can help control hair loss. The link here is because hormonal changes or issues can lead to loss of hair. By stimulating the endocrine glands through yoga, this could boost production of essential hormones.


Inversion poses may work best in this instance. This involves being upside to move body fluids in a different direction. Headstand and Shoulderstand are just two examples. As with blood circulation, care must be taken by newcomers to yoga. Bridge pose, inverted pose and Supported Shoulderstand are good alternatives to try for beginners.


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Eat a balanced diet

Yoga can help with hair loss but only done in conjunction with a nutritious diet. Our hair is usually the last area to receive food nutrients. By increasing blood flow with yoga, this can help speed up the process.


Drinking plenty of water – anywhere between 1.5 to 2 litres a day – plays an essential part in any good diet. Avoid skipping meals and enjoy the benefits fresh fruit and vegetables can bring to your hair. Yoga in itself won’t be the answer to all your problems. But used as part of a healthy regime it will make you feel more relaxed and help the parts of your body that control hair loss and growth.



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