Does Your Diet Affect Your Hairline?


Does Your Diet Affect Your Hairline?

Does your diet affect your hairline?

One of the main reasons why baldness can cause so much embarrassment is the perception it creates for others. Most people tend to think it is either down to old age, poor health or a bad diet. As fair as we all want the world to be, the reality is that everyone has their own prejudices and those that suffer from male pattern baldness will be judged by those three criteria.

Nothing can be done about old age or experiencing poor health at some stage but what about our diet? Is it really one of the reasons for male hair loss? If so, is there a hair loss cure that can help?


We’d like to believe that our hair just sits on top of our head disconnected from everything else in our body, but unfortunately that’s not the case. As with every other part of our body, the levels of daily nutrition we receive will have a direct impact on the growth and appearance of our hair.

At any one point, there can be over 100,000 hairs growing on your scalp. Because our bodies do not prioritize the nutritional needs of our hair, this means at times of duress it can be area that suffers first. This may not seem fair but, your vital organs and tissues take precedence for obvious reasons!

Our hair is 91% protein.  So, it stands to reason that when protein levels in our diet decline then our hair becomes thinner and deteriorates. A lack of iron or ferritin can sometimes lead to male baldness and even an excess of nutrients, such as Vitamin A, can also be a contributing factor.


The word ‘diet’ doesn’t always mean to it being a restrictive one. The point being purely by making sure your diet contains a good balance of protein will have a positive effect on your hairline. If you are worried about how to stop hair loss, then this is a good place to begin. You can’t fight genetics but you can help slow the process down.

The best hair loss treatment for men is micropigmentation. At Skalp® we offer a free consultation to help you find out how our medical hairline tattoo can work in tandem with a healthy diet.

Pop in to find out how this new hair loss treatment can dramatically change your appearance for the better. Rather than take a risk with a cheap hair transplant, speak with one of our experienced practitioners.  We guarantee for hairline restoration, SMP is a far better alternative.


Ultimately, don’t forget a well-balanced diet isn’t only designed to help the fight against hair loss. Micropigmentation provides hair loss treatment for men and a way to restore your confidence and self-esteem. Problems caused by a bad heart or liver can be much harder to recover from, so take care of yourself wherever you can! Dairy, eggs and beans are a great source of protein, as well as fish, pork and chicken. No matter what your genetics have in store, you will at least be keeping your side of the bargain.


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