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Non-Surgical Hairline Restoration

11th September 2017

Non-Surgical Hairline Restoration Micropigmentation is the ideal way to restore a thinning or receding hairline without requiring any kind of surgical procedure. Hairline restoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Being much kinder on the pocket than transplants, scalp tattoos are also a better alternative if there are budget constraints. Scalp micropigmentation creates the appearance of […]

Hair loss and hypertension

10th January 2017

Hair loss and hypertension Results from a study which has recently taken place in India suggest there is a significant connection between hypertension and hair loss. As much as changing your lifestyle (i.e. cutting out the stress) can reduce the effects of male pattern baldness it is equally important to see the prevalence of hair […]

Beating the big freeze with winter hair care

8th December 2016

Beating the big freeze with winter hair care Its time to start considering winter hair care. I know, It only seems like yesterday we were considering the best tips for hair care in the spring and summer months. Those balmy sun-soaked days never really seemed to appear here in the UK after all and now […]

What are the origins of Halloween?

28th October 2016

What are the origins of Halloween? So many new trends, fashions, commercial trends and social cults seem to be crossing the pond from the US. If it makes it big in America, then it is likely it won’t be long before we are mimicking it here in the UK. These trends are a bit like […]

Join in with September alopecia awareness month

14th September 2016

Join in with September alopecia awareness month There is nothing more wonderful and powerful than a regular event that brings the community together to help raise funds for a charity and allows those effected by an illness or complaint to share thoughts and feelings and learn new ways of coping. In America, Australia and in […]

5 top tips to care for Afro-Caribbean hair

23rd August 2016

5 top tips to care for Afro-Caribbean hair Afro-Caribbean hair to most people is highly attractive, full of character and vibrant, but it comes with its own special needs. At the same time, of all the different hair types it is also the most vulnerable to damage. This is because Afro-Caribbean hair is very fine […]

National Hair Loss month in the US

20th August 2016

National hair loss month in the US There seems to be a day to celebrate or pay tribute to everything nowadays and it sometimes feels as if we are just snowed under by the need to recognise some event that is often just an advert in disguise. But the National hair loss awareness month which […]

Is summer hair loss a myth?

2nd August 2016

Is summer hair loss a myth? The short answer to that question is no – it is not a myth; it is definitely true. Is it something you should necessarily worry about? – probably not but it is something you should be wary of and take precautions. You need to understand the causes, process and […]

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