What To Expect At Your 2nd And 3rd SMP Sessions

If you are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning or a receding hairline and have already decided to do something about it then you are likely to be very familiar with what SMP is. If you have been doing your research about this scalp tattoo type treatment then, or you’ve already attended for your first session, then you will know exactly what to expect at the start. What you might not know, is what to expect on subsequent sessions and so we have put together an overview so you know what will happen on your 2nd and 3rd SMP sessions.

It will only be around a week after your first SMP session, that you will be back at the clinic for your next appointment. Whatever nerves and anxieties you had about the treatment before you attended the first should be much less, or non-existent now you know what to expect. You should be attending your 2nd and 3rd sessions feeling more confident and positive about your new look.

What to expect at your second and third SMP sessions with Skalp®

Even though you’ve been once, you probably still have some questions and want to be prepared for the next part of the treatment. This is natural as the first session of anything can differ from subsequent sessions. Read on to get a good idea of what to expect at your second and third SMP sessions.

2nd and 3rd smp sessions

1. Getting back into the chair

Before you get back into the chair for your second SMP session, your final payment will be due. This means that you can attend your third session with nothing left to pay.

Do you have any questions about healing or aftercare, or anything that you forgot to ask during your first session? Now is your chance to chat with your practitioner about your experience so they can help you to manage your expectations and explain anything that you are unsure of.

The most common question people ask is about the pain/ discomfort. This does not get any worse at subsequent sessions and so you can expect to feel a similar level of pain/discomfort that you did at your first treatment. Having experienced it once, you know that any discomfort you feel will be temporary.

2. Examining the condition of the scalp

Once you are back in the treatment chair your practitioner will begin by examining your scalp to see the progress so far. Sometimes there may be slight fading or patchiness from the first session- this is perfectly normal and is easy to correct during the second session.

We will always do our best to ensure you have the same practitioner throughout your Skalp® treatment. If for any reason you have a cover practitioner, in-depth notes on your treatment will be shared for a smooth takeover. All practitioners are highly trained and will be able to carry out your treatment.

3. Style adjustments

Before you begin your second session you can discuss any adjustments you want. You may have had a change of heart about your chosen style or hairline design. That’s OK! Now is the time to voice those opinions before the majority of the work is done.

This might mean lowering the hairline or changing the style or shape. Depending on what you need, discuss this with the practitioner and they will do all they can to make sure you get what you want. Do you like the shade it is now or do you want to go a shade darker? The second and third sessions can include making your scalp micropigmentation darker if you wish. We pride ourselves on the most natural-looking SMP treatments in the industry and our practitioners are experts who will help guide you on what will look best for your age, skin tone, and facial shape.

Your SMP treatment is still a work in progress during the second and third sessions so don’t get disheartened if it isn’t exactly what you hoped for at this stage. Ensure you raise any concerns with your practitioner so they know how you are feeling and can reassure you about the progress.

Your SMP treatment is still a work in progress during the second and third sessions.

4. Adding more detail

The first session was all about getting the base layer of the treatment in place. This time the practitioner can concentrate on the intricate details. Adding layers of pigmentation in stages creates the hyper-realistic look of hair follicles. If you are not entirely bald, scalp micropigmentation can seamlessly blend with your hair when shaved short. This is what makes SMP so unique and tricks most people into believing it is real hair. Our practitioners are skilled at producing these fantastic results and achieving the illusion that you have simply shaved your hair short.

The second and third SMP sessions are quicker than the first as most of the prep work is done. So the practitioner can get straight to work. Depending on how much work is required, the second session will take anywhere between 2-4 hours.

How many sessions at Skalp?

Skalp always includes 3 sessions for SMP treatment. We advise leaving a longer gap between the last two, usually between 3-5 weeks so the appointments are as follows:

1st session

5-14 days later – 2nd session

3-5 weeks later – 3rd session

This breakdown will give your skin time to heal and the pigmentation to settle on your scalp. By allowing this timeframe, your practitioner will be able to see any areas that need more attention and ensure that your SMP is natural and realistic.

The final session will be similar to the first two, but again with more attention to detail. Any small areas which are not quite perfect when settled will be corrected and you will leave the session with your brand new, finished look.

After each SMP session, we will tell you to avoid cutting your hair, not use a moisturizer or wash your scalp for 4 days. We advise not doing any swimming for 21 days, as well as not exposing your scalp to direct sunlight for 28 days. Following these guidelines will make sure that your SMP treatment remains looking great and doesn’t begin to fade quickly. You can always see a full breakdown of our aftercare information here.

Finishing the treatment

Once your third session is finished, your scalp micropigmentation transformation is complete! It may take a little while for you to get used to your new look.

Once your third session is finished, your scalp micropigmentation transformation is complete! The third session will produce a similar level of pain/discomfort to the other two sessions and you will be used to how long this temporary discomfort will last. Following the guidance on how to care for your scalp will ensure any discomfort reduces quickly and you can get on with enjoying your new style.

It may take a little while for you to get used to your new look, but we are sure you will love it. You will be shocked that people won’t realise that your scalp is clean shaven and your ‘hair’ is actually the result of SMP.

What will your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment look like after the second and third sessions? Watch this short video to see the result after each SMP session.

Here are some excellent examples of after third sessions.

After 3rd Scalp micropigmentation session3rd SMP session

The redness will fade over the next 24- 48 hours and you will be left with a natural hairline.

Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin as well as New York and Los Angeles.

Updated 9th May 2022

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