5 Things You Should Know About A Hair Tattoo For Hair Loss


5 Things You Should Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

AKA The hair tattoo for hair loss

Scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo for hair loss


Getting a hair tattoo for hair loss brings with it a number of questions. At Skalp® we are always open and honest about the service we provide. We want everyone to feel at ease and comfortable before proceeding. That’s why we encourage our customers to ask as many questions as they need. This is a positive and life-changing treatment that shouldn’t be rushed into.


All of our practitioners have had the service themselves. When you book a free consultation they explain every stage in detail. Before you pick up the phone or send us a message, here are 5 things you should know about a hair tattoo for hair loss.

1. At Skalp ® our scalp micropigmentation is permanent

While there are clinics that do provide semi-permanent SMP treatment, at Skalp our service is a permanent, long term solution for hair loss. A semi-permanent service will only last for a short period of time which will lead to patchiness of pigment on the scalp. If you want to keep using a semi permanent hair tattoo as a hair loss solution then you will need top-ups every 6 months or so. This can prove to be costly compared to a permanent solution. Permanent SMP provides hair loss coverage for a longer period of time.


2. You can customise SMP as much as you want

One of the best things about getting a Skalp® hair tattoo for hair loss is you remain in complete control. Our practitioners are always on hand to offer advice based on personal and professional opinion. However, we respect the choices of our customer’s at all times. You decide on the hairline shape, its height and density of the treatment. You can have it looking soft or natural, or sharp and defined. It’s our guarantee to deliver exactly the style and hairline that you want to have.


3. Low maintenance hair loss solution

Men dealing with hair loss turn to SMP not only because of how perfect it looks once completed. They also love how little maintenance it requires. We understand everyone leads busy lives. Time is short and spending hours on your hair is not always the best use of it. All you need to do is shave your hair to keep your hair tattoo looking great. As long as you keep your real hair to a 0.5 grade, the tattooed hair follicles will match. This means your smp treatment will look natural.


4. A timeless buzz cut hair style

One of the big problems with having hair is deciding what to do with it. At some point you’ll get bored with the same style and will have to take a leap of faith into trying something new.What a buzz cut style gives you is complete confidence in how it will look. The shaved head style is on that defies time and always looks fantastic. We even give you an idea of how your new hairline will look before the treatment begins.


5. An Investment in your appearance

There many other hair loss solutions that promise the earth and cannot deliver. Hair transplants and other hair restoration surgeries cost a fortune yet struggle to provide the hair coverage you expect. Scalp micropigmentation is far cheaper and more accessible. A hair tattoo for hair loss at Skalp® is a long-term investment in you. A cosmetic treatment is not just an investment in your appearance but how you feel about yourself too. With Skalp® you receive treatment from a professional and reputable company. Instead of a cheap fix, you pay a little extra for truly amazing results.


hair tattoo results on attractive bald man


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