The unbelievable truth about scalp micro pigmentation…


collage of scalp micro pigmentation results

The unbelievable truth about scalp micro pigmentation…

Scalp micro pigmentation is fast becoming both the great scientific treatment and the coolest way to deal with hair loss in the 21st century. Only a decade ago it was more or less unknown. It had been used here and there as a form of make up in the entertainment world but was not really readily available as a commercial service until early on in the naughties. Since then the industry has developed in leaps and bounds. The real truth now, is it really does offer a treatment for men whereby they can mask their hair loss and keep up with trendy shaven head fashions.

How does scalp micro pigmentation work?

In a nutshell scalp micro pigmentation is a process whereby the look of hair follicles on the scalp are replaced by a tattoo. The client shaves his head and then the professional practitioner skilfully creates a new hairline on the scalp. This is created to compliment the shape of the face and also to mimic the original hairline. When the client and practitioner are happy with the results the latter can now start the main part of the process which is to tattoo the area with ink which matches the client’s hair colour.

The resulting vision is that of a man with a full head of hair who has decided to present with the highly fashionable shaven head look. Clearly there are medicines and changes of lifestyle that individuals can try before going straight to this treatment but if there is no medical treatment it can have extraordinarily positive results. Compare this with other options such as a toupee, a wig or a comb-over. These kind of solutions are often more embarrassing than the condition itself.  For most people, the expense of a hair transplant is just out of the question, and some of the other miracle cures you find on the internet are just worrying.

Great feedback

Here at Skalp™ we have kept video diaries of our clients so you can see exactly what they thought of the process and how it changed their lives afterwards. We never cease to be amazed and moved by the truly positive stories we hear. Not only does it mean guys present themselves as they want to, but it also has a psychological effect. Clients have found new confidence and self-esteem in their everyday life which in turn has meant enhanced lifestyles both at work and socially.

To see our video diaries, click here

Another sign of the success of scalp micro pigmentation is the way in which Skalp® has grown over recent years. After growing to three clinics across the UK, we now have a clinics in New York and Los Angeles. As well as Dublin, Marbella, Milan and Amsterdam.

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