How an invisible tattoo can change your life


beautiful tattooed man on wall.

Over the last 10 years’ tattoos have proved to be at the centre of modern fashion. They have almost become a required necessity if you want to keep up with the in-crowd. Out of that cult has sprung a much more powerful and fashionable product within the tattoo industry which has proved to bolster confidence and self-esteem, offers a chance to beat disabling conditions, and allows all guys to keep up with today’s fashions. But interestingly, it’s beauty is not in the immaculate art work or the symbolism of its graphics because these tattoos are invisible.

Two types of tattoo’s

There are two types of tattoo. The first type of tattoo we know so well – beautifully drawn pictures which signify important relationships and adorn an individual’s body have become very much acceptable. From tiny little pictures out of sight beneath clothing, to huge graphics that cover arms, legs and faces, they are both a statement of modern living and they convey ultimately individual relationships. The second type of tattoo we are not meant to see and yet it is right in front to of our eyes. This is a treatment for hair loss and is called scalp micro pigmentation.

The process of scalp micro pigmentation

Perhaps “invisible” is going a little too far in describing scalp micro pigmentation because you can actually see it – the treatment itself creates the illusion of being invisible. Scalp micro pigmentation is a treatment whereby the ink pigments in a tattoo mimics the hair follicles on a scalp. The client with hair loss issues who is receiving the treatment, shaves off all their hair and then the professional practitioners match pigment colouring to blend in with flesh colour and the original colour of the hair. After re-creating the hairline which has receded, the whole of the scalp where the hair was previously is tattooed with the pigment.

The result is the vision of a man who has a full head of hair but has decided to wear the new highly fashionable shaven head look. Because of the way the tattoo is applied (over three sessions over a period of three to four months – changes to the scalp are very gradual), many clients’ feedback that friends of family notice that something is different but they do not know what it is. They feedback that sometimes even spouses cannot determine where their own hair ends and the tattoo begins. This is not always the case and it depends on individual circumstances, but it only goes to show that the beauty of the scalp micro pigmentation is it not meant to be seen – and it works.

Renewed confidence

Hair loss can be very debilitating. Presentation is just part of the problem. Because of the way it is viewed in western society it often causes a drastic fall in confidence and self-esteem. Here at Skalp® we are proud that so many of our clients report back that after treatment they often experience renewed confidence which has a highly positive effect on their social and work lives.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation offers a great service for people struggling with hair loss or who just want to join the bald fashion trend and look their very best. Trained practitioners apply pigments to the scalp so it appears as if you have a full head of hair – but cut fashionably short.

Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, Marbella, Milan and Amsterdam.

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