Why you should consider a Hair Tattoo


Scalp micropigmentation is a fantastic way to deal with baldness and works at each and every stage of hair loss, providing the same results throughout.

Each and every scalp micropigmentation treatment that we undertake at Skalp results in the exact same result – a tattoo that is an accurate representation of the individual’s hair follicles. This creates the impression that there is real hair there.

As regards the end results and the efficiency of the treatment micropigmentation is one of the fastest ways to address any hair loss situation. Additionally, it’s also worth mentioning that the amount of time it takes to recover from one of our treatments is significantly shorter than many of the other cures for hair loss out there.

Hair Loss can Cause Anxiety – That’s Okay!

Many of the men that come to us are anxious because they are losing their hair and at different stages of hair loss. It’s quite common for people to also feel a little unhappy about the situation and this is very natural of course. Many feel embarrassed to discuss the subject with people, often finding it easier to discuss it with others also undergoing hair loss or without hair, rather than with those that aren’t.

Our procedure involves us meeting you for an initial consultation before discussing what you need, want and would like your treatment to look like. You obviously can pose any questions or query anything at this consultation and we inform you of what the process involves and what to expect during and after it.

The Hair Loss Treatment

The treatment itself is relatively painless. It may cause a little discomfort but most people don’t find it too severe and say it hurts less than they expect. There may be some redness after scalp micropigmentation treatment and maybe some light marks on the skins surface, but these tend to right themselves quite quickly. The needlepoint we use is very tiny. This means that it doesn’t tend to cause too severe of marking. Some patients may see a slight crust on the scalp but most are fine and can go back to work in the next day or two.

Scalp Micropigmentation takes Two Sessions

Generally, our clients undergo two sessions to get the look they’re after. The vast majority of the work is done in the first session and then there is some layering and touching up in the latter session. It’s worth noting that most people find it perfectly okay to go out and appear in public after the first session, such is the amount of and quality of the work done during the initial treatment.

As you can see from our testimonials and interviews we have had a lot of happy customers and many people feel a lot more confident after the treatment. We provide a whole array of details on our treatment throughout our site and if you want to know more just use our contact page

So, if you’re looking for a solution to your hair loss now you know what our scalp micropigmentation entails and what to expect.

Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, Marbella, Milan and Amsterdam.

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