How plasma therapy can help restore hair follicles

How plasma therapy can help restore hair follicles

Here at Skalp® our aim is to be aware of all the possible techniques that deal with hair loss and thinning hair available on the market today. Our knowledge will help you in your decision to go with Scalp Micro Pigmentation or not – also we are quite clear that Scalp Micro Pigmentation is not a cure it is treatment that rids you of the problems of hair loss – and consequently enables you to get on with your life (Read our testimonials!)

Plasma therapy for hair loss 

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The most recent claim as a hair loss treatment is Plasma therapy. This is how it works. Our blood amongst other things contains PRP (platelet –rich plasma), which has growth factors that rejuvenate damaged tissue and can work on hair follicles in the same way. For it to work it is used topically rather than orally.

It is most appropriate to use the clients own blood as this means there is far less risk of allergic reactions. So once the practitioner has the blood, the PRP is extracted in a centrifuge. The PRP is then later combined with stem cells to be injected into the patient’s scalp. Then, micro-needling is used to make small puncture wounds in the scalp to create trauma.

Activating the cells

This all sounds a bit painful and cringe worthy and in fact the people who provide this treatment do warn that it causes redness to the scalp and bruising. However, the last part of this procedure which sounds a little violent has its reasons – it activates the cells to help the damaged hair follicles.

The practitioners were interviewed in PianoStarCourier and they accepted the fact this was not a treatment for hair loss but the treatment can last up to 18 months. The progress needs constant monitoring and results vary with each client. There are definitely success stories but outcomes tend to be unpredictable.

Still not widespread use

Many people living with hair loss will perhaps consider this as a method to try however its use is not widespread at the moment. The method we have described was that of a doctor working in Texas and he is the only doctor in the whole of the state using it at the moment.

Looking at outcomes there is a strong feeling that if this is not permanent (i.e. it only lasts for 18 months) why use it? In 18 months down the line you are going to find yourself needing the same treatment again?

It may be worth a try but we still urge anyone suffering from hair loss to contact us to find out more about Scalp Micro Pigmentation – a fabulous way to cut to the chase and find a permanent solution to the trials and tribulations of thinning hair. To learn more click here.

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