The Real Disadvantages of Scalp Micropigmentation


disadvantages of smp scalp micropigmentation


At Skalp we believe in being honest with our customers. When you visit our clinic for a free consultation you can ask any question you want. This means giving the best advice for your personal situation. Getting a head tattoo is a big decision and we want you to feel completely comfortable.


While we always promote the advantages of hair SMP, we never hide the disadvantages. If you are thinking of getting the treatment this blog is for you. Read on to find out about the disadvantages of scalp micropigmentation.


Your hairstyle never changes

Hair gives you the flexibility to chop and change your look. When you start to go bald you lose that control. Scalp micropigmentation provides a solution, although you will only ever have a buzz cut style. Most people do not mind this, but it is not for everyone.


If you are interested in SMP as a treatment for your hair loss but are unsure if a shaved head will suit you, you can book a free consultation with Skalp® and get a free virtual hairline mock-up. 


However, you should remember that you can alter the hairline shape over time. You can do this by changing the side profile or density of the pigmentation. These small tweaks still offer some variation if that’s what you need.


You need to keep shaving

To get the most out of the look, men have to shave their head regularly. Any hairs that may still grow will have to be shaved down to ideally a grade of 0.5. Much will depend on how quickly your hair grows but you might need to shave at least twice a week.


Even though this is relatively low maintenance, it can prove tiring for some. A good way around this is to find a shaving routine that works for you. It might be an electric shaver, hair clippers or a wet shave in the shower.


close up of smp

Fading pigmentation

It usually takes 3 sessions to successfully complete the initial treatment. You may need to visit once more within a year to manage any fading that has appeared. After that you will be fine for between 4-6 years. Then you will need to return to have your pigmentation topped-up.


However, bear in mind this is the general rule. Sometimes the treatment fades faster on some people compared to others. At the same time, you can also be lucky and not have to return for longer than 6 years. It all depends on how well you take care of your smp in the sun. 


Scalp micropigmentation isn’t 3D

Scalp micropigmentation tricks most people into believing you have simply shaved your head. That is how detailed it looks to the human eye. What it doesn’t include is texture enhancement on the skin.


This means when someone runs their hand over your scalp it will feel like smooth skin. A hair tattoo is similar to a standard skin tattoo in how it sits on the skin’s surface. It is not three-dimensional despite its extremely realistic appearance.


SMP doesn’t age with you

This may depend on your preference but it is an important aspect to remember. Scalp micropigmentation is a tattoo which means it will not change colour. When it starts to fade it will lighten the tone but not change in shape.


As you get older you may prefer not having any grey or white hairs at all. However, some men want their hair to reflect their true age. You can manage this by simply not topping up your treatment and letting it get lighter as you age.


smp with grey hair

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